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Brick GameOne Torneios "Academia"
Posted by: ardzUBK - 05-09-2018, 08:41 PM - Forum: Gameplay Discussion - No Replies


Neste tópico vou explicar tudo acerca dos torneios entre as nossas equipas da academia. Para começar as equipas estão divididas em 2 partes: "Evo"e"Academia". A equipa Evolution é uma equipa com um escalão a baixo da equipa Pro que terá outro tipo de torneios, enquanto a equipa "Academia" realizará um torneio à parte, sendo que o foco principal será a evolução profissional e a subida da mesma para a Evolution.

Torneio da equipa Evolution: 2 em 2 meses
Torneio da equipa Academia: 1 em 1 mês

Exclamation GameOne Academia
Posted by: ardzUBK - 05-09-2018, 03:25 PM - Forum: Gameplay Discussion - No Replies

Olá,venho neste post falar sobre a entrada das equipas na academia.
A GameOne está a apostar fortemente nas equipas de CS:GO, com acompanhamento intensivo,nesta forma os jogadores poderão evoluir individualmente e em equipa.

Para que isso seja possível temos Coach e Manager de nivel elevado,com muita experiência profissional.
Para fazeres o registo da tua equipa tens que preencher o formulário do nosso site: http://gameone.radicalgaming.eu/

Depois de fazeres o formulário deves aguardar por algum tipo de pedido na STEAM ou mesmo entrares no nosso TS : " ts3.radicalgaming.eu " basta mandares poke a algum admim responsável.

Agradecemos a todos os jogadores que metam like na nossa pagina de Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/esportsgameone/

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Cumpz Staff GameOne

  Lancelot Patch #4 - Ver. 1.11.358 / REV 115635 - 11 April 2018
Posted by: thavas - 04-11-2018, 06:25 PM - Forum: Patch Notes - No Replies

Lancelot Patch #4 - Ver. 1.11.358 / REV 115635 - 11 April 2018
The GvG Mercenary system is now fully functional! Silver rewards can now be offered by guilds and claimed by mercenaries.
Balancing Changes

  • Arcane Staffs:
    • Energy Bolt:
      • Cast Range: 9m -> 11m
      • Now deals a separate damage value against mobs, independent of the mob’s energy.
    • Energy Beam:
      • Cast Range: 9m -> 11m
      • Cooldown: 15s -> 10s
      • Energy cost: 13 -> 0
  • Bows:
    • Piercing Arrows Passive can now be stacked from multiple sources.
  • Fire Staffs:
    • Wall of Flames:
      • Fear Duration: 1s -> 0.5s
      • Targets will no longer bounce back into the wall of flames multiple times.
  • Hammers:
    • Threatening Strike:
      • Damage: 66.69 -> 100.04
  • Maces:
    • Threatening Strike:
      • Damage: 66.69 -> 100.04
  • Quarterstaffs:
    • Heavy Cleave:
      • Cast Time: 0.5s -> 1s
      • Damage: 172.84 -> 271.95
    • Separator:
      • Damage: 81.37 -> 149.18
    • Mystic Rocks:
      • Resistance Increase: 0.20 -> 0.10
  • Offhands:
    • Taproot:
      • Now reduces Healing Received while equipped. (Depending on the IP it ranges from -8% to -15%)
      • Increased Health Factor: 0.15 -> 0.2 
  • Morgana Raven's DoT can no longer be cleansed
  • Piercing Arrows passive now stacks when attacking multiple targets
  • Durability loss of mounts from being hit by spells has been reduced
  • Fixed an issue where, when the HoT of Spirit Animal was purged from within the healing area, targets had to re-enter the area to continue healing
  • Corrected the Spectral Run tooltip to display the ability's actual energy cost
  • Fixed an issue where guards of claimed castles had the incorrect emblem on their capes and shields
  • Fixed a bug where the enchantment level of some resource nodes didn't update unless player changed zones or logged out
  • Fixed a rare bug where chest logs displayed incorrect items when the item order was changed
  • Tooltip of Energy Beam was updated to make its effects clear when cast on friendly characters vs enemies
  • Numerous additional graphical, animation, audio, UI, and localization fixes

  Patch Notes - 11th April 2018
Posted by: thavas - 04-11-2018, 06:22 PM - Forum: Patch Notes - No Replies

Patch Notes - 11th April 2018
11 April 2018 13:00

[Image: 8fd3bc2f3b45791f7cdd450a19be9bc0.jpg]

Greetings Adventurers,
Kamasylvia is abuzz with a lively new surge of magical energy, the sprightly new inhabitants have made themselves right at home. Venture out to find your very own Fairy companion!
Along with your journeys, be sure to take a moment to enjoy the dazzling full bloom of the beautiful Tulips all over the world. Find out what other goodies have been added below!
[Image: f43a592224e6e28d04f748f8c9fb6670.png]


  • My Everlasting Little Companion “Fairy Laila” has been added.
    • Fairies can be obtained by using the item “Sealed Fairy Wings” which can be claimed as a reward for completion of a quest series given by the Black Spirit.

  • The starting quest is “Fairy Queen Theiah” and you must be at least Lv. 52 and have already completed the quest [Boss] Witch-Hunting to accept it.
  • Additional Sealed Fairy Wings can be claimed by completing recurring quests.
  • Upon use of Sealed Fairy Wings, a random Fairy Laila between tiers 1~4 will be claimed and then you may register your new Fairy at the Young Kamasylve Tree at Kamasylve Temple.
  • If you move away from the Young Kamasylve Tree before completing registration of your Fairy, registration will be cancelled.
  • Registered Fairy’s can be summoned, grown or released by clicking on the icon to the right of Maid icon.
  • Only 1 Fairy can be registered and if you wish to register a different Fairy, you need to use Release button on the Fairy Information window and release your registered Fairy first.
  • Upon Release of a Fairy, Fairy Powder proportional to Fairy Tier and Growth level will be obtained.
  • All Fairies have Luck +1 as a default skill and can gain another skill for every 10 levels grown. A random skill of Lv.1-5 will be gained. You cannot change the level of the random skill gained.
  • The higher the tier of the Fairy, the higher it’s Max Level can be reached and thus additional skill slots will be available.
  • A Fairy of higher tier will be able to obtain higher-level skills.

Fairy Luminosity (Tier)
Max Level

Skill Name
Skill Level
Fairy Luminosity Required
Tingling Breath
Underwater Breathing + 5 sec.
Faint, Glimmering, Brilliant,Radiant
Underwater Breathing + 10 sec.
Faint, Brilliant, Radiant
Underwater Breathing + 15 sec.
Brilliant, Radiant
Underwater Breathing + 20 sec.
Underwater Breathing + 30 sec.
Feathery Steps
Weight Penalty Reduction (Up to 105%)
Faint, Glimmering, Brilliant,Radiant
Weight Penalty Reduction (Up to 110%)
Glimmering, Brilliant, Radiant
Weight Penalty Reduction (Up to 115%)
Brilliant, Radiant
Weight Penalty Reduction (Up to 120%)
Weight Penalty Reduction (Up to 125%)
Fairy’s Tear
Instant Resurrection w/o Death Penalty. Cooldown: 12 hrs.
Faint, Glimmering, Brilliant, Radiant
Instant Resurrection w/o Death Penalty. Cooldown: 6 hrs.
Glimmering, Brilliant, Radiant
Instant Resurrection w/o Death Penalty. Cooldown: 3 hrs.
Brilliant, Radiant
Instant Resurrection w/o Death Penalty. Cooldown: 1 hr.
Inexhaustible Well
Auto-consumption of Purified Water or Star Anise Tea upon onset of Desert Illness.
Cooldown: 30 min.
Faint, Glimmering, Brilliant, Radiant
Auto-consumption of Purified Water or Star Anise Tea upon onset of Desert Illness.
Cooldown: 20 min.
Glimmering, Brilliant, Radiant
Auto-consumption of Purified Water or Star Anise Tea upon onset of Desert Illness.
Cooldown: 15 min.
Glimmering, Brilliant, Radiant
Auto-consumption of Purified Water or Star Anise Tea upon onset of Desert Illness.
Cooldown: 10 min.
Brilliant, Radiant
Auto-consumption of Purified Water or Star Anise Tea upon onset of Desert Illness.
Cooldown: 5 min.
Morning Star
Fairy will light up its surroundings.
Faint, Glimmering, Brilliant, Radiant
Miraculous Cheer
Auto-consumption of potions upon HP/MP(EP)/WP/SP reduction.
Cooldown: 6 sec.
Faint, Glimmering, Brilliant, Radiant
Auto-consumption of potions upon HP/MP(EP)/WP/SP resource reduction.
Cooldown: 5 sec.
Glimmering, Brilliant, Radiant
Auto-consumption of potions upon HP/MP(EP)/WP/SP reduction.
Cooldown: 4 sec.
Glimmeryes it does.ing, Brilliant, Radiant
Auto-consumption of potions upon HP/MP(EP)/WP/SP reduction.
Cooldown: 3 sec.
Brilliant, Radiant
Auto-consumption of potions upon HP/MP(EP)/WP/SP reduction.
Cooldown: 2 sec.

  • The skill Fairy’s Tear does not recover a shattered crystal or trade goods or items that have had Enhancement degraded upon death. This skill cannot be used during Node/Conquest wars.
  • The skill Fairy’s Tear can only be applied during Instant Resurrection. This does not work with resurrecting in a nearby node or town.
  • To grow your Fairy, weapons, armor, equipment items, Black Spirit's Claw or Sweet Honey Wine can be used.
  • Please go to Settings -> General Settings -> Show/Hide -> and uncheck Hide Pets under Pet section to make your Fairy visible.
  • Click < Here > to hear the story of the Fairy and details.
  • Yona’s Fragments have been added.
    • Yona’s Fragments are archaic fragments rarely found in the desert. Unknown symbols along with the word ‘Yona’ is written in an archaic language which earned its nickname. Yona’s Fragments naturally attract each other and transform into a new material which is the reason for their popularity among Blacksmiths and Alchemists.
    • Yona’s Fragments will drop in from monsters around Valencia.
    • You can create rare accessories by crafting Yona’s Fragments collected along with other necessary materials from Jeweler at Level 5 in Altinova and Valencia City.
    • Find the crafting information for Jewelers that can craft Yona’s Fragments from the tooltip of the item.
    • New crafting formulas using Yona’s Fragments have been added:
Item Name
Ring of Crescent Guardian
Yona’s Fragments x15
Melted Platinum Shard x10
Trace of Chaos x10
Black Stone Powder x20
Ring of Cadry Guardian
Yona’s Fragments x15
Melted Platinum Shard x10
Trace of Despair x10
Black Stone Powder x20
Centaurus Belt
Yona’s Fragments x20
Fine Thick Fur x5
Trace of Hunting x10
Black Stone Powder x20
Basilisk's Belt
Yona’s Fragments x20
Fine Thick Fur x5
Trace of the Earth x10
Black Stone Powder x20
Serap's Necklace
Yona’s Fragments x15
Melted Platinum Shard x10
Trace of Ascension x10
Black Stone Powder x20
Sicil's Necklace
Yona’s Fragments x17
Melted Platinum Shard x10
Trace of Savagery x10
Black Stone Powder x20
  • The Savage Rift reward system has been revised.
    • Rewards will now be paid in Silver instead of Gold Bars.
    • Upon clearing Stage 25, you will now receive 8 million Silver. (Previously Gold Bars 100G x7)
    • Silver will be sent to your mailbox, and the amount received depends on your contribution to Savage Rift.
    • You can now receive Skill EXP as a reward.
    • The amount received will increase as you progress through stages

<Savage Point and Chances of Getting Rewards>
Chances of Getting Rewards
0 > 0%
1 - 100
101 - 110
111 - 120
121 - 130
131 - 140
141 - 150
151 - 160
161 - 170
171 - 180
181 and up
  • A Private Mode has been added to the Arena of Arsha.
    • In Private Mode, two teams will have a 1:1 match per round where one player from each team fights.
    • An Adventurer with operator’s right can choose Private Mode from the top of the operator’s menu window after entering Arena of Arsha.
    • The Adventurer with operator’s right can assign players to each team and then pick team leaders for each team.
    • Once a match starts, each team leader must choose a participant within 30 seconds. If a choice has not been made, the participant will be chosen randomly.
    • The match ends when there is no one left to fight in one of the teams.
  • Arena of Arsha venue has been improved.
    • The topography has been made simpler, and some obstacles were removed.
    • Sturdy walls were added to prevent falling in the gaps.
[Image: 19RybcFV-rXr5Ak90aYpfDHaN_PXXMbOw5bQvuPN...uzN8PyDZiQ][img=15x15][/img]
  • If an Adventurer with a operator rights invites a party leader in the Arena of Arsha Team and Personal matches, the members of their party will now automatically get invitations.
  • If you are under the effect of an active HP debuff during Arena of Arsha, you will now  not be able to recover your HP past the new limited imposed by the debuff even with natural regeneration.
  • The head-scratching motion of the Young Griffon has been adjusted to look more natural.
  • Fixed the issue where trying on a one-piece outfit after trying on a helmet sometimes showed the previous helmet in Pearl Shop preview.
  • Fixed the issue where location to find Asula’s Weakened Magical Necklace was incorrectly pointing to the location to acquire Asula’s Weakened Magical Belt in the Necklace’s description.
  • Drop rates for Asula’s Weakened Magic accessories have been increased by 50%.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes participants of Node/Conquest War could collide with siege objects outside of the Node/Conquest War time window.
  • The overall value of fish has been adjusted:
    • Fish value has been increased by 25%.
  • The overall value of Trade goods has been increased by 20%.
  • Fixed the issue where progression of the tutorial would stop after obtaining potion from the common rack.
  • New Challenges (Y), [Event] Fairy's Lost Item, have been added to celebrate the addition of Fairy Laila.
    • Period: 4/12 00:00 UTC  ~ 5/2 Before Maintenance
    • 1 hour of playtime will reward [Event] Lost Fairy Bag
    • Max 5 (5 hours of playtime) allowed per day.
    • Collect [Event] Lost Fairy Bag x10 and visit Queen Theiah in Kamasylve Temple to exchange for Laila’s Petal x1.
    • Laila’s Petal can be used to exchange for Sealed Fairy Wings which actually will earn you a Fairy.
  • A Special Fishing point has been added to Ellie’s Mystical Lake Festival.
    • During the festival period, (to-conclude-on April 25th), Koi can be caught through fishing.
    • Koi can be sold at shops for 500,000 Silver.
  • Ellie’s Mystical Lake event areas are now set as safe zones. The event areas from the following areas are exempt from Node Wars.
    • Delphe Knights Castle (Monday)
    • Bree Tree Ruins (Tuesday)
    • Khuruto Cave (Wednesday)
    • Delphe Outpost (Thursday)
    • Karanda Ridge (Friday)
    • Northern Wheat Plantation (Sunday)
  • Fixed the issue where you could not sell [Event] Ellie’s Small Water Balloon.
  • Fixed the issue where description of items claimable upon opening [Event] Spring Water was missing from its tooltip.
  • Fixed the issue where graphical effect of a loot drop was not displayed intermittently when popping Splashy Water Balloon in Ellie’s Mystical Lake.
  • Tulips are in full bloom in the beautiful world of Black Desert Online.
    • Period: 4/11 After Maintenance ~ 5/2 Before Maintenance
  • Fixed the issue where monsters and summoned creatures of Adventurers/monsters sometimes disappeared during combat.
[Image: 5973c33f7d4448a9b859add3226f12da.png]
[Game World]
  • The reflection effect under items in Pearl Shop preview has been fixed.
  • Fixed the camera glitch that happened while talking to some villager NPCs in Calpheon City.
  • Fixed the camera glitch that happened while talking to some of the trader NPCs in Shakatu’s Territory.
  • Priest Eli of Heidel will now properly come to work on time again. ~ slacker!

[Image: 2e4f668c1e68154e328498839c2ccace.png]
  • If players are on their own boat or ship, the location finding mark effect will now no longer be activated.
[Image: 547342c9afc3e22b1c7bcfba336cf809.png]
[Image: 8cad067bac5c4f7c3fca93a84d67d280.png]
  • Additional effects have been added to the downward sword striking motion in the character creation screen.
[Image: 2f29616db8d2fb29a2a9a8cc64e5435a.png]
  • Fixed the issue where Stiffness effect was applied even during the cooldown time if Breezy Blade II/III was used after using Wind Step backward.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not use Ultimate: Evasive Shot while using Razor Wind.
  • Fixed the issue where transitioning from Kamasylven Sword to Longbow combat stance while moving forward then using the skill Blasting Gust, activated the skill even though you failed to hit the target.
  • Fixed the issue where PvP damage was not reduced if you quickly used Absolute: Will of the Wind while moving after learning the skill Ultimate: Evasive Shot.
  • Fixed the issue where PvP damage was not reduced if you used Absolute: Will of the Wind during the cooldown time while standing still.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not use the skill Flow: Kiss of the Wind during the first charge of Tearing Arrow.
[Image: 830284c67e16509249812d811a2fdbf0.png]
  • Fixed the issue where you could not switch to Scythe stance upon using Crow Nightmare followed by Rushing Crow after learning Flow: Rushing Crow.
  • Adjustments have been made to allow easier use of the skill Abyssal Flame after using Dark Flame.
  • Adjustments have been made to allow easier use of the skill Beak Kick after using Dark Flame.
[Image: cfc5af3bd492d8dc493d4a54f9683866.png]
  • In order to ensure a smoother gameplay experience, optimization work was performed on the Berserker.
  • Fixed the issue where Berserker’s WP was recovered upon using the skill Ultimate: Frenzied Destroyer.
[Image: 48e48a6f51c5142711a9188b485b7440.png]
  • Visual effect for characters under the effect of Protected Area has been changed.
[Image: 4798ebb37663c50e501648ef788821f7.png]
  • Visual effect for characters under the effect of Protected Area has been changed.
  • The cheering motion will not be triggered after obtaining certain items while using Bolide of Destruction with Black Spirit’s Rage.
  • Fixed the graphical glitch for old Wizard’s underwear in the body setting window in the Customization screen.

[Image: b5ab706623a42a86f236d4ddb6c250e7.png]
  • Fixed the issue where Horn Bow appeared on Blade’s handle part while using the skill Chase.

[Image: 5f1a49bc9023e1e3164013d66639c8e0.png]
  • Fixed the issue where Horn Bow appeared on Blade’s handle part while using the skill Chase.
[Image: 92f9e4bf9e34ecaa8a9762e16b491dd3.png]
  • Ghost Step can now be used through Quick Slot.
  • Fixed the graphical glitch near the heel part for Ninja’s Willow Breeze.
  • Fixed the graphical glitch that showed an empty area near the neck during non-combat stance for Ninja’s Willow Breeze.

[Image: 558655c7e4e39d352b85d2285410c9bc.png]
  • Ghost Step can now be used through Quick Slot.
[Image: dfc923f151f1db148699023702844e0c.png]
  • The cheering motion will not be triggered after obtaining certain items while using Obsidian Ashes or Lunacy of Vedir with Black Spirit’s Rage.

[Image: 54fbe8f5f7a3cb49e3e61fd4cd3ba887.png]
  • Flash Step can now be used through Quick Slot.
[Image: 1a659471d649e7e3d4e3a96471f618bd.png]
  • Flash Step can now be used through Quick Slot.
[Image: 6c2b1d80e4642321afcdbde310c5e898.png]
  • Description of the Energy-recovering items has been made clearer and easier to understand.
  • Spec descriptions of elixirs, crystals, and other enhancers have been made consistent. For example:
    • Attack Speed +1/Attack Speed +1 Point > Attack Speed +1
    • AP +5 > All AP +5
    • Damage Reduction +2 > All Damage Reduction +2
  • The spec information for the following items has been made clearer instead of using words such as “slight” and “huge”.
    • Hunter's Salad
    • Fresh Hunter's Salad
    • Khalk's Fermented Wine
    • Khalk's Strong Fermented Wine
    • Rainbow Button Mushroom Cheese Melt
    • Mild Rainbow Button Mushroom Cheese Melt
    • Kamasylvia Meal
    • Special Kamasylvia Meal
    • Pure Black Stone
  • Descriptions of the following items have been adjusted to be more intuitive.
Before Change
After Change
+0 Silver Embroidered Craftsman's Clothes
Processing Success Rate +1
Processing Success Rate +6%
+1 Silver Embroidered Craftsman's Clothes
Processing Success Rate +2
Processing Success Rate +12%
+2 Silver Embroidered Craftsman's Clothes
Processing Success Rate +3
Processing Success Rate +16%
+3 Silver Embroidered Craftsman's Clothes
Processing Success Rate +4
Processing Success Rate +22%
+4 Silver Embroidered Craftsman's Clothes
Processing Success Rate +5
Processing Success Rate +28%
+5 Silver Embroidered Craftsman's Clothes
Processing Success Rate +6
Processing Success Rate +40%
Venecil Dress/Karki Suit Set Effect
Processing Success Rate Slight Increase
Processing Success Rate +3%
  • Information regarding extra Energy recovery has been added to the descriptions of all Bed items.
  • Fixed the issue where Flax Seed could not be sold in NPC shops.
  • The following item descriptions now display rate increase value.
    • Glasses
    • Earrings
    • Pearl Items & Horse Gears
  • The item grades of some Horse Emblem and Mount/Ship Registrations have been adjusted.
  • Fixed the issue where the maker’s name of a PEN (V) item disappeared if the item was received via mail after being purchased through Pre-Order.
  • Winter Snowflake Box and Snowflake Reindeer Box are now marketplace registrable and free from bound.
  • Fixed the issue where you could see “send to friend” button and previous currency type when you try to purchase items through Event Cart.
  • Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon (7 Days) which you can get by handing over Shakatu’s Seal will now go into the general Inventory.
  • For details on newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here > !
[Image: 8afb656d7d23de8594e3eed8f1d08eb0.png]
  • The strike effects for the following monsters have been adjusted to look more natural.
    • Cadry Commander
    • Green Orc Skeleton Warrior
    • Moghulis
    • Ogre

[Image: 1d37bb05159f601356cdbf34992f803d.png] 
  • Information on ingredients and materials has been added to Cooking/Alchemy Knowledge Cards.
    • You can check the ingredients or materials from the Cooking/Simple Cooking/Alchemy/Simple Alchemy Knowledge entries in the Knowledge (H) screen.
    • In the Cooking/Alchemy window from Cooking Utensil/Alchemy Tool, you can also check the ingredients.
    • If you have not obtained the Knowledge, ingredient hints will be shown from which you can get Cooking/Alchemy Knowledge entries. Move the mouse cursor over for more information.
  • Navigation for the quest The Only Plan now works correctly.
  • If you were not able to obtain knowledge “Article 5 of Tuval's Law & Order - Respect” after completing the quest “Tuval's Law & Order - Respect #2”, you can now talk to NPC Maghed in Gahaz Bandit's Lair to obtain the knowledge.
  • If you were not able to obtain knowledge “Nightmare in Crioville” and “King of the Otters?” even after completing the quest series “Nightmare in Crioville,” you can now do so by talking to a Villager in Crioville which you meet during the quest.

  • The Knowledge category of entries “Low-Grade Crystal Fusion”, “Mid-Grade Crystal Fusion”, and “High-Grade Crystal Fusion” have been changed from Low-Grade Crystal Fusion to Certificates.
    • This does not affect the maximum Energy.
  • The following unobtainable Knowledge has been deleted.
    • Essence of Deep Sea
[Image: 8af744b481bf7f59d56b4a72f5ba6379.png]
  • The following information will now be displayed in Stable/Wharf screen.
    • Number of Mounts/Ships checked-in
    • Number of Mounts/Ships taken out
    • Available slots per stable/wharf
  • From the Skill window, you can now only learn skills with command unlocked.
    • If the preceding skill of the skill you want to learn has command lock, you need to unlock that skill’s command first.
  • Upon clicking on Register to register a worker from Worker Exchange, an appropriate system message will appear if there is no available worker.
  • Fixed the issue where not accepting a certain quest while in the middle of multiple sequential quests created an empty space in the Quest widget.
  • The background image that appears behind the text for alerting players to an Ability increase has been revised.
  • Pre-order and Notification button on sold-out items in Item Marketplace will now be displayed upon right-clicking on the unavailable item.
[Image: 280aff4e9a89ee58eb50c76f43b3d00f.png]
  • Fixed the issue where the two gathering nodes in Longleaf Tree Sentry Post showed the same item.
    • Silk Honey Grass and Bunch of Silk Honey Grass
  • Fixed the issue where the message for alerting exceeding weight limit moved when scrolling in the Inventory.
  • Fixed the issue where the word “system” appeared in quest descriptions.
  • Monsters in Savage Rift will now start appearing near the rift.
  • Fixed the issue where an empty window (without text) popped up when trying to create a new character without having written up a name in Character Creation.
  • Fixed the issue where Team Battle/Final Battle intermittently did not end and was stuck at ‘Ending Soon’ state.

  Google Hastags
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[Image: under-construction-2408062_1280.png]

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  Patch Notes - 4th April 2018
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Patch Notes - 4th April 2018
04 April 2018 13:00

[Image: 2458619df9639e1418df240ae6c767b0.jpg]

Greetings Adventurers,
Join Ellie’s Mystical Lake Festival which is all about splashing and spraying water, the element of life, all over to highlight the theme of respect, appreciation, love and sympathy. You will sure fall in love with the beauty and cool aesthetics of the redesigned water festival area, so please enjoy this thrilling festival full of special quests and minigames. Also, don’t forget you can still gather your Black Crystal Shards all over the game world at a higher chance. Lastly, various storytelling quests have been added to Valencia!

[Image: f43a592224e6e28d04f748f8c9fb6670.png]

  • Ellie's Mystical Lake Festival is having a Grand Opening!
    • Festival Period: April 4th After Maintenance ~ April 25th Before Maintenance
    • Legend tells it Ellie was a mythical elephant that represented blessing of life. One spray of water from Ellie’s enormous nose and an oasis would form in the middle of the desert. The festive troupe have trained a royal miniature elephant specifically to bring this mythical creature to life.
    • During the festive event, please try:
      • Challenges (Y) for daily play rewards.
      • Defeat monsters, gather, and hunt for event items.
      • Play mini-games available at Ellie’s Mystical Lake.
      • Perform special quests available via various NPCs of the festival.
    • Find Ellie’s Mystical Lake north of Northern Wheat Plantation or check World Map (M). Go check it out now!
    • Click < Here > to learn all about this festival!
  • Sharp and Hard Black Crystal Shard gathering drop event has been extended.
    • Period: 4/4 After Maintenance ~ 4/18 Before Maintenance
    • During the event period, drop rate of Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards will increase.
  • [Event] Useless Weapon Box from the event Shepherd Boy will expire in 2 weeks following this week's maintenance. Please make sure to open your remaining boxes to claim your rewards before it expires!
  • The 20% Outfit discount coupon from ‘A Special Gift for New Adventurers!’ has been changed to a challenge reward for reaching level 56.
    • Additionally the reward has been changed to a 20% Function discount coupon instead of the original Outfit discount coupon.
    • The availability period for the 20% Inventory, Weight, and Pet coupons have been changed from 7 days to 21 days.
  • Deep Blue Hoof Root items have been sent out as special gift via in-game mail.
    • This is a reminder that Deep Blue Hoof Root is obtainable from gathering with an Empty Bottle in water.
    • Please claim your gift via in-game mail before May 2nd, 2018

  • Voice of Amerigo, Deve, and several other NPCs have been improved to sound more natural and fitting.
  • A new button ‘Purchase All’ has been added so that you can win a bid and purchase all at once without setting the number of products to purchase.
  • Fixed the issue where Maid was unavailable to use when disqualified from the horse race.
  • Challenges will now be completed after using the item Life EXP Transfer and then logging into a character that received the Life EXP transfer.
  • Fixed the issue where Gathering twice in a row was possible in Mediah Northern Highlands.
  • Cooldown of Emergency Escape will now reset upon the start of every round in Arena of Arsha.
  • Fixed the issue where Parking effect of Fishing Boat was intermittently visible to other Adventurers.
  • Auto-navigate is now available to characters with less than lv. 7 without completing tutorials.

  • Walking mode has been facilitated.
    • Characters will now walk regardless of their current stance while Scroll Lock is activated.
    • Even without Scroll Lock activated, characters can still enter a walking mode when holding down Caps Lock, and revert back to normal state when releasing the button.
    • Thus switching between Walk/Run (During Auto-run) has been segregated and it became possible to set shortcuts respectively.
  • Fixed the graphical glitch that appeared with low texture quality settings, on the Western Guard Camp NPC’s weapon that held the Ogre.

[Image: 5973c33f7d4448a9b859add3226f12da.png][/size]
  • [Event] Ellie's Mystical Lake Festival area will be marked on the World Map (M) during the event period.
    • Likewise, relevant areas (part of the nodes) will change from Combat Zone to Safe Zone to reflect the celebration of the festival on next week’s maintenance (April 11th).
    • Click < Here > to check the affected areas where forts should not be built anymore.
  • Fixed the unnatural looking graphic issue on some trees in Hasrah Cliff when texture quality was set low.
  • Fixed the unnatural looking graphic issue on some trees in coastal areas near Mediah when texture quality was set low.
  • Fixed the graphical issue where reflection of the character would not show on puddle of water when graphics were set at: Settings -> Display Settings -> Graphics -> Very High.
  • The amount of Black Spirit’s Rage will be reset to 0 at the end of each round in the Arena of Arsha.
  • Fixed the issue where bookshelves in Valencia City’s library could not be interacted with.

  • Fixed the issue where an NPC at Kamasylve Temple in Mediah was floating in the air. Marni will also be punished for sharing more anti-gravity potions.
  • The location of NPC, Maghed, from Gahaz Bandits will no longer be marked as a question mark on minimap.
  • Fixed the issue where the instrument one of the NPC Clowns in Velia was holding, when greeting the Lord would disappear.
  • Fixed the unnatural looking resting animation for the Farm Worker NPC who pulled the Calpheon Cart.
  • After having more than 251 Amity with NPC Maudi Budar from Rumbling Land, you can now learn the Knowledge when you meet NPC Maudi Budar from another area.

[Image: 2e4f668c1e68154e328498839c2ccace.png][/size]
  • The following has been added to the item description of [Loyalties] Mount Resurrection Reset.
    • If you use this on a deceased/destroyed mount while it is checked into a Stable/Wharf, its Death/Wreck count will reset to 0 and it will be completely recovered/repaired.
  • Fixed the issue where parked horses did not appear on the 3D mini map.

[Image: 547342c9afc3e22b1c7bcfba336cf809.png]
<All Characters>
  • In order to ensure a smoother gameplay experience, optimization revisions were performed on the Ranger and Warrior classes.
  • Fixed the swimming motion that occurred on the ground in some areas of Padix Island.
  • Fixed the issue where combat stance wasn’t available from the View Underwear preview, after using the skill Rage Transfer or Rage Absorption.

[Image: 2f29616db8d2fb29a2a9a8cc64e5435a.png][/size]
  • The skill Tearing Arrow is now naturally shot without any key input while being charged for the first 1 round of shot.
  • Fixed the issue where Stamina wasn’t consumed while Charging the first shot upon using the skill Tearing Arrow.
  • Fixed the issue where the amount of EP would be consumed twice and the cooldown reset, when using the skill Evasive Explosive Shot, after the Flow: Call from Sky.
  • Fixed the issue where the amount of EP being recovered by the skill Razor Wind, was less than indicated by its tooltip.
  • Air Attack effect has been added to the skill Will of the Wind.
  • Damage reduction during cooldown of the skill Will of the Wind has been taken off.
  • Fixed the issue where MP was used up twice intermittently while performing the skill Flow: Air Explosion Shot.

[Image: 830284c67e16509249812d811a2fdbf0.png][/size]
  • Fixed the issue where MP Recovery from the skill Dark Split was not properly applied in accordance with the skill level.

[Image: 4870dbbc54d62340fbfd93f3d7d1976b.png][/size]
  • Fixed the graphical glitch on Valkyrie’s Venslar Shoes triggered by wearing them with Arrendo Armor.

[Image: 48e48a6f51c5142711a9188b485b7440.png][/size]
  • Fixed the issue where combat stance would be turned off when getting up from falling down.

[Image: 4798ebb37663c50e501648ef788821f7.png][/size]
  • Fixed the issue where combat stance would be turned off when getting up from falling down.
  • Fixed the issue where the old Wizard’s body parts would clip from the underwear in the body setting window in the Customization screen.
  • The motion of throwing water balloons and/or bombs have been improved to look more natural and fitting.

[Image: b5ab706623a42a86f236d4ddb6c250e7.png][/size]
  • Graphical effect of the skill Crosscut has been made more natural.

[Image: 5f1a49bc9023e1e3164013d66639c8e0.png][/size]
  • Fixed the unnatural looking graphical issue on damage received on all targets with Maehwa’s Awakening skills.
  • Fixed the issue where Basket would not disappear after water-spraying motion.

[Image: 92f9e4bf9e34ecaa8a9762e16b491dd3.png][/size]
  • Fixed the issue where the skill description of Ninjutsu: Blade Spin didn’t mention Super Armor would be applied.

[Image: dfc923f151f1db148699023702844e0c.png][/size]
  • Fixed the issue where the skill description of Slanted Balance didn’t mention Forward Guard when it was applied.

[Image: 54fbe8f5f7a3cb49e3e61fd4cd3ba887.png][/size]
  • The skill Rising Wolf Fang will now properly apply the skill effect of Super Armor.

[Image: 1a659471d649e7e3d4e3a96471f618bd.png][/size]
  • Fixed the issue where the skill Tidal Burst IV did not obtain a Martial Spirit Shard.

[Image: 6c2b1d80e4642321afcdbde310c5e898.png][/size]
  • Attack mechanism and movement of [Combat] Trina Demolition Axe have been improved.
    • Use LMB for normal attack, RMB for shoulder charge, and LMB+RMB for a stronger attack.
    • Hold LMB to perform a normal attack and then swing attack.
    • The first hit of RMB attack has Forward Guard effect.
    • Rolling (Shift + directional keys) has become swifter.
    • Since the axe has become faster and more versatile, its damage has decreased by about 50%.
  • Fixed the issue where players were able to successfully cook Couscous with Teff Flour.
  • Fixed the issue where the message ‘There is no item’ would pop up and no item can be collected when trying to withdraw items via Storage Maid or Container in certain regions and not large cities.
  • Fixed the issue where items weren’t able to be pulled out of Guild Storage.

[Pearl Shop][/size]
  • Fixed the issue where the price wasn’t reloaded when sending a gift to more than 3 friends in Pearl Shop.
  • Fixed the issue where Pets would intermittently stop moving, instead of obtaining items.
  • Easter is full of blessing! Spring Renaissance packages for all classes will be sold for one extra week to April 11th (Before Maintenance).
  • For details on newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here > !

[Image: 8afb656d7d23de8594e3eed8f1d08eb0.png][/size]
  • Fixed the issue where monsters were occasionally not summoned from the item [Guild] Muskan of Madness Summon Scroll.
  • The number of dropped items from the following monster has been reduced:
    • Catfishman Rotten Fish: 5~10 Viscous Liquid → 1 Viscous Liquid
  • The drop rate from the following monsters have been adjusted:
    • Catfishman Meat - Viscous Liquid: Increased by approximately 14 times
    • [Energetic] Fat Catfishman - Suspicious Pouch: Increased by approximately 30 times
    • [Energetic] Fat Catfishman - Goblin Chief Summon Scroll: Decreased by approximately 90%
    • Shultz Guard Gladiator - Black Stone (Armor): Decreased by approximately 30%
    • Shultz Guard Armored Soldier - Black Stone (Armor): Decreased by approximately 25%
    • Forest Ronaros Scout - Guardian Spirit Stone: Decreased by approximately  70%
    • Forest Ronaros Scout - Earth Spirit Stone Fragment: Increased by approximately  5.5 time
  • The drop rate of the item Asula's Crimson Eye Earring from the monsters at Helms Post has been decreased by 30%.

[Image: 1d37bb05159f601356cdbf34992f803d.png][/size]
  • Daily quests for [Event] Ellie's Mystical Lake Festival have been added:
    • [Event] Ellie's Mystical Lake Festival
    • [Event] Festive Water Fight
    • [Event] Catching Petals
    • [Event] Best of Luck
    • [Event] Don’t Catch a Cold
    • [Event] Cleaning up the Mess
    • [Event] Fill up the Pots
  • Valencia Storytelling quests, available for characters level 54 and above, have been added:
    • A History of Valencia: The Annals of Cloran
    • Danuman the Exiled Sage
    • Danuman the Treacherous Sage
    • Dusty Object
    • Suspicious Soldier
    • Danuman’s Followers
    • Danuman’s Possessions
    • A Sham Salamanto
    • Into the Bandit’s Lair
    • Code of Gahaz Bandits
    • Tuval's Law & Order - Plunder
    • Tuval's Law & Order - Harm, Authority, Self-sufficiency
    • Tuval's Law & Order - Respect #1
    • Tuval's Law & Order - Respect #2
    • Gahaz Tuval's Test
    • Not a Part of This World
    • Finding the Follower
    • Followers Seeking the Truth
    • Piece of the Golden Crown
    • Perfect Crime
    • Astute Eyes
    • The Truth About the Golden Crown
    • Furious Desert Fogan
    • Ancients’ Memories - Memory Fragment
  • Fixed the awkward description of the quest Call of Katan's Duty.
  • The icon of the quest Mystery Being Solved has been changed.
  • The requirement to learn the Knowledge ‘Altinova Arena’ has been changed to require an Amity of 301 with the NPC Abdul Jaum.
  • Fixed the incorrect quest acceptance condition for the recurring quest ‘Remembering the Scientist’ on Quests window.
  • The list of 3 NPC tutorial quests and quest acceptance condition now can be checked via the Main Quest window.
    • Finding Akan
    • To Buntt the Instructor
    • Noisy Grass Beetles
  • Warning text has been added to the item description for the Black Abyssal Weapon Exchange, that the Crystal will be broken upon changing to a box.
  • One of the main quests for Kamasylvia, Kama-Grána Saint, will now properly navigate to Nelydormin and Lift.
  • The Knowledge images of following monsters have been changed to match with actual image of them:
    • Deck Elite Combatant
    • Cox Elite Gladiator
    • Crazy Jack
    • Iron Combatant
    • Pile of Mountain Goat Skulls
    • Calpheon Elite Shadow Priestess
    • Calpheon Elite Shadow Knight
    • Calpheon Shrine Elite Wizard
  • After completing the quest Bandit’s Treasure Chamber, without learning the Knowledge Luxurious Treasure chamber, players can now learn it through communicating with the NPC Etunar.

[Image: 8af744b481bf7f59d56b4a72f5ba6379.png][/size]
  • Interface (full screen) will be reloaded upon requesting or accepting friends.
  • Inventory will not be closed when opening the Processing window with a L key and having a Container and Maid Storage opened as well.
  • The effect appearing on the Contribution Points status bar on the top left in the game screen has been replaced when leveling up them.
  • Fixed the issue where unobtained Knowledge was displayed as Acquired Knowledge when trying to buy one with low Amity in Amity Shop.
  • Fixed the issue where Guild History was intermittently displayed a personal history on Guild window (G).
  • A new button ‘Cancel’ has been added when trying to sell Transfused items to NPC Store so that you can check before cancelling.
  • ‘Notification’ and ‘Pre-order’ buttons that appear when there is no stock in Marketplace have been relocated to the spot below the item name as they did before.
  • Awakening Weapons will be more visible when items are in Awakening Weapon slot in Dye window.
  • Fixed the issue where during Node/Conquest wars guards bowed to Adventurers who did not belong to the occupying guild.
  • Entering only “/” in the chat input field will not send the chat.

[Image: 280aff4e9a89ee58eb50c76f43b3d00f.png][/size]
  • Fixed the issue where the Parking effect of Fishing Boat was visible to other Adventurers.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from sending a message to friends, directly after becoming friends.
  • The system alert for notifying non-participants of Node/Conquest war upon entering combat zone has been updated to let them know they cannot attack Node/Conquest war-related targets.
  • Fixed the issue where a window to prepare for battle popped up in the upper center of the screen intermittently when exiting from Team Battle.
  • Some navigation areas around The Royal Palace of Valencia have been improved.
  • Fixed the issue where changing outfits in Pearl Shop would momentarily disable the characters clothing.
  • Crouch and movement motions while holding a Matchlock have been improved.
  • Fixed the issue where rotating the camera at a certain spot in Calpheon City would cause some objects to turn invisible.
  • Fixed the issue where trap items could not be installed properly in certain areas.
  • Chat icons in Spanish have been fixed.
  • The text length wrap on the tooltip window has been adjusted.
  • Fixed the issue where the dusty old box object would vanish from the Valencia consecutive quest Dusty Object.

[Known Issue][/size]
  • There is an issue where the Splashy Water Balloon sometimes cannot be targeted with Ellie’s Small Water Balloon. This issue will be fixed next week.
  • We are aware of the isue where players are getting stuck underground when running fast in the market streets of Calpheon City.

  Devblog 198
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We're back, and this time we're bringing chainsaws, the SPAS-12 shotgun, new foliage, the first look at the new helicopter, and lots more. This patch wipes the maps, but your blueprints will carry over.
1 March 2018

[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]MAURINO BERRY

The Chainsaw by Tom Butters has had its art finished and I've implemented it in the game. It requires Low Grade Fuel to run, and when equipped must be started via right mouse (which only has a 40% success rate, so multiple tries can be required). It will absolutely destroy trees and people, but that's about it. It's also a little loud, so please understand it will draw attention during use. I've decided not to allow this to be a raiding tool as of yet, but we'll see what we can do for the next patch. We really didn't want to add an item whose only purpose is to screw over new players who can't afford a metal door yet (ahem, Flamethrower).
You'll find this rarely in the red tool chests found by vehicle based junk piles. Enjoy!

Chainsaw - Rust by ThomasButters on Sketchfab
[Image: f1f6fcc4669d.jpg][Image: 62fc05525090.gif]
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]MAURINO BERRY

The SPAS-12 Shotgun is in game. It is uncraftable, and can be found in airdrops and Bradley/heli crates. It is a semi-automatic shotgun, so it'll fire almost as fast as you can pull the trigger and let you aim down the sight while doing it. It has a 50% DPS bonus versus the Pump Shotgun, and is the close quarters weapon of choice for the scientists.
CH47 Work
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]MAURINO BERRY

I did a bunch of work on the CH47, and it should be ready for release next patch. I've decided to make a base helicopter class which extends from our base vehicle class, and I'm going to make it physically based. This means we'll get much better physics, and it'll also be pilotable (but only on modded servers). When the time comes, I'll also make the patrol helicopter based on this system, so we'll get much better movement there too. The downside of this is that it takes slightly longer and the AI ends up being a little more complicated as it effectively has to figure out what it wants and translate that into button presses to be simulated by the vehicle as if it were a player. It'll be worth it in the end though.
Here's a video of a human pilot controlling the vehicle:

And here's a video of the AI system forwarding inputs to chase a waypoint:

As you can see there is some work to be done. But because we're doing everything correctly, we'll be able to mount a crew of scientists to the vehicle as if they were players, and it should make for some very interesting radtown encounters, especially when it starts delivering supplies.
Incendiary Shells
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]MAURINO BERRY

A new type of ammunition has been added to the game which evens out the special ammo types. Incendiary Shotgun Shells, aka Dragon’s Breath.
These shells contain much larger projectiles, making it easier to hit your target as well as producing a magnesium flame on contact, slowing movement and dealing damage over time. Great for area denial. You can find them in airdrops as well as military crates.
Repair Changes
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]MAURINO BERRY

Item repair has had a balance pass, making it much cheaper. Firstly, the repair bench itself no longer has any Wood cost associated with it. Secondly, the cost of repairing an item is now 20% of the items crafting cost instead of 50%. Too many people were just discarding items entirely and crafting a new one, and I found it pretty annoying myself. Enjoy!
[Image: Unity_2018-03-01_11-46-36.png]
[Image: Unity_2018-03-01_11-47-31.png]
Nailgun Balance
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]MAURINO BERRY

I know everyone thinks you should be able to craft something from the get-go that takes out a geared guy with an AK, but that is obviously ridiculous. One of the reasons I added the Nailgun was to give people a shot at PvP against firearms without having to find a blueprint. I think the Nailgun was pretty close to where it was supposed to be. It sucks somewhat, but it's supposed to.
However there was an element of it that I found slightly frustrating: the fire rate. Something about it felt as though it were lagging behind my clicks, even though it was intended. And due to the number of projectiles it takes to take someone down, it felt frustrating to be killed before you could fully unload on someone. To this end I've slightly increased the fire rate, which will make the nailgun a little bit easier to use, but shouldn't upset the balance too greatly. Let me know what you guys think of this change!
Scientist Loot Tables
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]MAURINO BERRY

Instead of scientists dropping random barrel junk they've been given their own loot tables. You'll find things like med syringes and scrap, all the way up to full weapons, albeit rarely. I don't want to give a comprehensive listing here, as it will spoil the fun, but just know that killing scientists will actually yield some decent loot from now on.
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]PÅL TREFALL

This patch the Scientists have invaded the Military Tunnels and don't like being disturbed.
They've seen a lot of work over the past month. They no longer walk through fences. They are better at switching weapons and reloading at times it makes more sense. They can no longer find their way out of the military tunnels and roam the land indefinitely. They are better at cover selection. They no longer gun each other down, and will step to the side in order to get a clear shot at their victims.
Scientists now have an alertness, and players have a chance to go undetected. Light sources, movement speed, whether standing or crouched, the distance between you, and generally making noise will all affect their ability to realize you're there.
When scientists walk about, they now relax their pose rather than constantly aiming ahead. Patrolling caused NPCs to end up in zerg clusters, that's now fixed and they will spread out more to patrol more ground. A lot of small optimizations here and there were also made. The frequency with which they spawn at the Military Tunnels has also been tweaked, and how many will spawn in at a time.
Scientists now also spawn at some vehicle junkpiles. These are less aggressive than those in the Military Tunnels. They are researching the junkpiles using the new Geiger Counter by day, and by night they sport a flashlight, so that players know they are there. Oh, and they wield an M92, just in case you get too close or attack them.
[Image: bfbd4ec31e9a.jpg]
The convars npcplayerapex.npc_junkpile_a_spawn_chance and npcplayerapex.npc_junkpile_g_spawn_chance can be set to a value between 0 and 1 to set the chance of a Scientist spawning at vehicle junkpiles. Their spawn chance is set to 0 by default, but their convar can be adjusted at any time by a server admin.
Scientists will expand their research to new locations on the island in the future.
New Bushes
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]DAMIAN LAZARSKI

If you played on the staging branch, you might have noticed that we added some new bushes to the game. There are currently two new types of new bushes that are native to North American climate: the Glaucous Willow and the Spicebush. These bushes are taller than the player, which means you should be able to use them as cover and hide within the canopy.
[Image: bushes_2.jpg]
[Image: bushes_4.jpg]
[Image: bushes_3.jpg]
[Image: bushes_5.jpg]
Oak trees
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]DAMIAN LAZARSKI

In addition to new bushes, I've been hard at work on adding some new deciduous trees. Oak trees are the first on my list, and while they are not available in today's patch, they should appear sometime next month. These trees are much larger than the ones we currently have and they will be spawned rather sparsely on fields and in tundra biomes. Below are some screenshots of the leafy and dead variants.
[Image: oak_trees_1.jpg]
[Image: oak_trees_3.jpg]
[Image: oak_trees_5.jpg]
[Image: oak_trees_6.jpg]
[Image: oak_trees_7.jpg]
World Reflections & Lighting
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]ANDRÉ STRAUBMEIER

I started the month by working on our interior lighting. Rust has been suffering from extremely inaccurate interior lighting due to the lack of sky light occlusion and object reflections. To address this I added a new "World Reflections" slider to the graphics options.
Quality 0 already looks better inside player buildings than what you're used to since we no longer include the directional sky scattering in the object reflection pass. This means, while light from the sky is still bleeding through into the building interiors and forests, the directional sunlight no longer does. At the same time it's much faster than the old reflection pass. So the new baseline is both better looking and faster.
[Image: c2858967d74c.png]
[Image: 60ff61c78ee6.png]
Quality 1 then improves upon this by including the terrain in the reflection pass. This has already been the case since last month, but the lack of directional sky scattering occlusion kind of ruined the advantages of this in a lot of situations. You can clearly see the difference between quality 0 and quality 1 under the research table and along the edges of the storage boxes. This is still faster than the old reflection pass and I made this the new default setting.
[Image: 60ff61c78ee6.png]
[Image: c68d039a2bdf.png]
Quality 2 then goes even further by including proxy meshes of buildings in the reflection pass. These meshes have an extremely low vertex and triangle count and are very fast to render. This correctly occludes the sky inside buildings and objects no longer show the distinct blue glow when inside. You can easily spot the improvement under the research table and on top of the storage boxes in the background. Performance wise this should be nearly identical to the old reflection pass.
Diogo is currently working on a new reflection probe system that will improve the performance of all three quality settings even more.
Tree View Distance
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]ANDRÉ STRAUBMEIER

The new tree imposter system allowed us make some improvements to the tree view distance. If "Tree Quality" in the performance settings is above 50 we now render trees on the entire map.
[Image: 8eb629790dcc.png]
[Image: d7a40beecf88.png]
This makes a huge difference visually and should barely have any effect on performance for most people. If it does negatively affect performance for you, reduce the tree quality to 50 or below and file a report with us so we can see your hardware.
I also adjusted the distance at which trees switch from the lowest LOD to the imposter if the tree quality is reduced below 100. This means people on super low end hardware who play on the lowest settings possible should see a decent performance improvement with this update.
Upkeep Grief Protection
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]ANDRÉ STRAUBMEIER

So it sucks when you log in and your entire base is gone because someone destroyed your tool cupboard. This has been a major ongoing complaint about the upkeep system, and I can definitely see why. Griefing has always been a part of Rust to a certain degree, but the upkeep system has put it on steroids. To counteract this and bring griefing back to the old levels we know and love I added upkeep grief protection. This means when a cupboard with resources in it is destroyed, it uses part or all of those resources to purchase up to 24 hours of decay protection on all building blocks that are currently connected to the building. This requires resources to be in the cupboard, so make sure to put a code lock on it. Doing this multiple times will not increase the time beyond 24 hours. Building blocks that are added after the cupboard was destroyed will decay normally.
[Image: 31db448c5a35.png]
[Image: c7de8d49c486.png]
Skin Timeouts & Corruption
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]ANDRÉ STRAUBMEIER

Many of you came across a workshop item skin bug that prevented a lot of skins from loading altogether due to items with a corrupt skin ID. This stalled the skin download in Steam and made our skin loading system wait indefinitely. This has now been addressed in a number of ways. First of all, the bug that could cause the corrupt skin IDs on items has been fixed. Then secondly, the skin loading system will now immediately skip skins if Steam fails to initiate the download. Lastly, even if Steam does not detect a problem we will time out a skin if Steam it does not download it within 60 seconds and move on to the next one.
Conditional Models 2.5
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]ANDRÉ STRAUBMEIER

We've been tossing around plans to add more complex conditional models, like wall corner pieces, to buildings for quite some time. The limiting factor in this was that the client had to evaluate the conditions of the models itself, which was relatively slow. I rewrote this so the server sends the model state of each building block to the client, so even thousands of conditional models won't slow down the client at all. The server can load balance these calculations and only needs to do them when people are building their bases. The model state is transferred as a bitmask so the traffic overhead is also extremely minimal.
To summarize, building blocks and conditional models can now be created much faster on the client which immediately benefits client performance and will allow us to add much more interesting and complex conditional model variations in the near future.
Disappearing Signs
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]ANDRÉ STRAUBMEIER

There's been an issue with paintable signs that could clear their texture whenever the server restarted. This didn't affect all signs, which is why we missed it in the testing leading up to last month's update. We tracked down and fixed the bug, so your art will now last for a full wipe as intended.
File Cache Optimization
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]ANDRÉ STRAUBMEIER

When we converted the sign texture file cache to a database last month we kind of dropped the ball and configured the database to wait until everything was written to disk whenever a new file was added, which is the default configuration. This could cause significant stuttering, particularly if the game wasn't running on an SSD. This is now fixed and the files will be written to disk in asynchronously.
Better Monuments Transitions
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]VINCENT MAYEUR

Until now, most of our monuments were blended on procedural map using a constant radius. While this worked it created a lot of wasted transition space between the procedural and the monument parts. If the monument is one of a rectangular or irregular shape, then using a custom transition map for gradient offers best results, and overall the map looks more natural.
[Image: bbbfc19d07cf.jpg]
Water Reflections
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]DIOGO TEIXEIRA

Since the last graphics overhaul we've been working to go one step further to improve overall lighting and shading. Getting more accurate light interactions will empower artists to make more realistic assets and make their life easier. Our environment reflections are now updated based on the player location, so we can get more accurate indirect lighting throughout, especially in interiors.
This change, however, meant we could no longer use the global environment reflections for water. Rendering global reflections just for water, in Unity, is also prohibitively expensive for some reason. In this patch we are introducing an analytical approximation to solve global water reflections - atmospheric scattering, sun and moon. This approach is, unfortunately, far heavier perf-wise and is meant to be only temporary, while we roll out our own highly optimized environment reflection renderer.
You'll note that, for the time being, both the Sun and Moon's reflections look slightly different and lose some of the detail:
[Image: water-refl.jpg]
Foliage Shading
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]DIOGO TEIXEIRA

These past few weeks, Damian and Vince have been improving foliage and found some problems and limitations with our foliage shader. I spent some time fixing a number of issues in order to match their needs:

  • Fixed Translucency not matching direct lighting in tone due to not being tinted according to biome
  • Fixed random variation tinting not matching the old legacy foliage shader resulting in duller shading, especially on grass
  • Disabled Translucency coming from indirect lighting, causing them to be too lit when in shadow, due to the lack of indirect shadowing
  • Globally enabled vegetation specularity and reflections
Environment Shading
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]DIOGO TEIXEIRA

We are building a custom environment reflection probe system in order to be able to have multiple probes for different purposes. For those of you who don't know, a Lighting Probe is effectively a 360 degree snapshot of the surrounding area at a certain location, used during the shading computations of any surface to simulate reflections and/or indirect lighting.
A very obvious case already discussed in other sections is, for example, one probe relative to the player position (low resolution) and one global probe (high resolution) for water reflections. Unfortunately, Unity adds a massive overhead when rendering probes, I'm guessing due to a combination of having to get accurate results across all potential usage cases, some underlying inefficiencies in their implementation and lack of quality/performance options.
In Rust, on the other hand, we have a lot of margin to reduce surface and shader quality, exclude shadows from multiple lights, use lower resolution textures and tradeoff a bunch of other features without any significant changes to the final result. Because of this we decided to roll our own solution. The results so far are extremely promising and we will be rolling it out next month, after a few weeks of intensive testing.
[Image: probe-perf.jpg]
In the image above, you can take a peek at the performance boost (lower is better) that we get from our new custom/optimized HDR probe at a resolution of 512.
Not only is it more than twice as fast, it's also more accurate and allows complete control over quality tradeoffs:
[Image: probe-quality.jpg]
Hair Caps
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]MATT ISAAC

I've continued to work with Diogo on improving hair. It started out trying solve the problem of how to get hair to look good (or even just not look plain bad) when not using TSSAA anti-aliasing and has ended up with a complete rework of the system. Thankfully now that system is alllmost done, just a few behind the scenes code changes are needed before the changes make their way on to Staging early next week.
As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I've tried several methods to get the hair caps to have a decent level of transparency to them and we've settled on the solution of having them overlay on to the skin material. Because of this though you lose all the fake depth the old hair caps provided, so I had to rebuild the hair to compensate for this. Also, I took the opportunity to improve the look overall and make them work a lot better with hair colours and in different lighting conditions.
[Image: 4a9285ae606b.jpg]
Here we can see a non TSSAA screenshot that highlights the diffence the new hair caps make around the transition from hair to skin. There actually is a transition now. It's probably more obvious here though:
[Image: 579720238f35.jpg]
In this non TSSAA screenshot I've hidden the hair strands to show just the caps underneath. With the new system we're going to be able to give you stubble, shaved heads and all that stuff. It also looks way better on the pubic regions but I'll spare you the screenshot for that.
As mentioned before, colours look a lot more natural now, here it is on the rebuilt current shorter hairstyle.
[Image: a55e3eaaa497.png]
[Image: 00f80a02d984.png]
[Image: 858e5f81cbfb.png]
Chinook Locked Crate Art
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]THOMAS BUTTERS

We need something for the new heli to drop for all you lootmongers out there. When it finally arrives, it'll have two versions: the padlock and code locked version. Have a look below!
[Image: d3ab257e3ab1.jpg]
[Image: 2992e05a7a04.jpg]

Sound Mix/Master
[color=rgba(205, 65, 43, 0.8)]ALEX REHBERG

I've finished my initial finalization pass over all of our sounds at the individual sound level, and have started working on our mix from a higher level now. This involves making decisions like balancing levels between all the footsteps and ambient background loops and EQing background loops as a whole to make sure footsteps come through clearly. Overall I'm just trying to get things to sound a little more cohesive and full and fit together a little more nicely. We're not terrible in this department, particularly after some of the volume consistency stuff I took care of during the individual pass, but I think we can do a bit better.
I'm also working on some additional functionality for the sound system so we can be more intelligent about handling groups of similar sounds when it comes time to make dynamic mix changes or voice limiting decisions. Right now we have voice limiting on individual sounds which works decently, but no way to say "only 10 gunshots can play at once". I'm also looking in to adjusting voice limits dynamically so we can do things like set the maximum number of ambient stings really low if there's a lot of other more important sounds playing.
This stuff wasn't quite ready in time for the update this month but should be good to go next month.
198March 01 2018
  • NEW
    Added Chainsaw

  • NEW
    Added Incendiary Shotgun Shells

  • NEW
    Added Spas-12 Shotgun

  • NEW
    Terrain Blend Maps for better monuments transition

  • NEW
    Added upkeep grief protection

  • NEW
    Added glaucous willow and spicebush plants

  • NEW
    Added world reflection graphics setting

    Fixed painted signs sometimes resetting on server restart

    Fixed workshop skin corruption issue

    Fixed dark lighting at the gates of Military Tunnels

    Fixed incorrect star positions relative to sun and moon

    Fixed foundation rotation exploit

    Fixed workshop skin loading issue

    Fixed S11 Cave having no build block volumes (Hapis)

    Fixed locker, bed, workbench floating slightly after construction placed on no longer exists

    Bandages and syringes now show their healing information

    Searchlight no longer accessible without TC access

    Fixed weird sprint+aim exploit

    Optimized conditional model performance

    Vastly improved interior lighting

    Upgraded to Unity 2017.1.3

    Improved cliff mesh placement next to monuments

    Moved our grass and overgrowrth to new foliage shader

    Optimized client file cache performance

    Increased tree view distance at high tree quality settings

    Optimized tree performance at low tree quality settings

    Slightly harder to wall off southern convoy (Hapis)

    Reduced forest size in areas for performance reasons (Hapis)

    Xmas tree no longer craftable

    Mailbox repairable

    Water purifier can no longer be placed on barbecue and fireplace

    All signs, banners and frames are now repairable

    Bed can be repaired

    Bed can be picked up with hammer + building privilege

    Repair bench wood cost removal

    Repairing items now costs 20% instead of 50% of their total cost

    Scientists have slightly more health

    Scientists have proper loot tables

    Stripped unused tree assets (disk space usage)

Information [5. April 2018] Lancelot Patch #3 - Ver. 1.11.357 - REV 115208
Posted by: thavas - 04-05-2018, 07:14 PM - Forum: Patch Notes - No Replies

Lancelot Patch #3 - Ver. 1.11.357 / REV 115208 - 5 April 2018

The Rites of Spring have now ended! Thanks to all the egg hunters and bunny slayers who participated in the event.

  • Fool's Golden Eggs no longer drop from mobs, and are no longer awarded in the Arena or Expeditions.

  • Egg chests no longer appear in the open world or in mob camps.

  • Spring event items are no longer available at the Vanity Merchant. (As with all limited-time items, they will not be removed from the game - they will simply stop being sold by the Vanity Merchant).

  • All players, even those not yet eligible to use the Gold Market, can now view the price chart in the Gold Market UI

  • Chest Log UI is now able to display 100 entries per page, and all 100 entries can be copied to the clipboard
Balancing Changes

  • Plate Armors:
    • Removed the Threat Regeneration Bonuses
    • Added a second Passive Slot where one of the following options can be chosen:
      • Normal attacks apply a debuff on mobs, which reduces max health by 12% (this effect can't be stacked) (Note: updated this description for clarity)
      • Threat Generation increased by 300%
    • T2 & T3 Plate Armor: Replaced Taunt with Fury to improve the early game experience

  • Fixed an issue that was causing mob health bars and character nameplates to not display

  • Corrected numerous terrains and textures to optimize fishing and other resource gathering

  • Fixed an issue where silver rewards were not working for mercenaries from allied guilds who joined a GvG fight

  • Fixed an issue where Ghost Strike's cooldown was not reset when a target was killed with three Sunder Armor stacks

  • Channeling sounds now stop when the caster cancels the channel (affects Disembowel spell sound)

  • Expedition fixes: 
    • Raised the Expedition join timeout to 60 seconds to fix an issue where players were kicked from Expeditions if their cluster loading time was higher than 20 seconds
    • Replaced the “internal error” error message that occurred when signing up for an Expedition with too low of a reputation with a proper error message

  • [size=undefined]Delayed Teleport spell no longer cancels an ongoing cast or channel (error was introduced with the Lancelot update)[/size]
  • [size=undefined]Toggle spells are now terminated when mounting up[/size]
  • [size=undefined]Fixed an issue in the Vault/Bank UI where more than 10 tabs would not display correctly[/size]
  • [size=undefined]Fixed an issue where the Siege Camp UI would sometimes fail to open when approaching the camp[/size]
  • [size=undefined]Fixed an issue where all fishing rods in a stack would lose durability when only a single rod was used[/size]
  • [size=undefined]Limited transfer UI to a maximum of 2,000,000,000 units (Silver, etc.) to avoid slider reset issues[/size]
  • [size=undefined]Numerous additional graphical, animation, audio, UI, and localization fixes[/size]
[*]In addition, an issue preventing the use of Silver in the GvG mercenary system was partially fixed. While Silver can now be used in the mercenary system as a participation and win bonus, there remain several cases where the Silver will incorrectly disappear:

  1. When a participation and/or win bonus is set and the invited character declines the invitation, the Silver designated as a participation/win bonus will *not* be refunded.

  2. When a participation and/or win bonus is set and the invited character accepts it, but leaves the GvG registration afterward, the Silver designated as a participation/win bonus will *not* be refunded.

  3. When a win bonus is set and the invited character loses the GvG, the Silver will not be refunded if the invited character is offline.

  4. When a participation and/or win bonus is set and the invited character doesn't participate in the GvG (i.e. is in another cluster or logged out), the Silver will not be refunded if the invited character is offline.
[*]We are working on a fix for these remaining issues, and hope to have them all resolved with our next patch - until then, we suggest avoiding this feature or using smaller amounts of Silver as a reward.

  Rust Server ~ Radicalgaming.eu
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[Image: leaderboard-1.png]

  Radicalgaming.eu Rust Server
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[Image: leaderboard-1.png]