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  Rust Server ~ Radicalgaming.eu
Posted by: thavas - 01-15-2018, 08:24 PM - Forum: General Announcements - No Replies

[Image: leaderboard-1.png]

  Black Desert Halloween 2017 Event Guide
Posted by: thavas - 10-19-2017, 08:54 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Witch Daily Quest

There is a new witch daily quest you can do and it rewards a Forest Fury the first time you complete it. Repeats of this quest just rewards the Halloween Box.
[Event] My Dark Half
Go to Alejandro Farm and talk to Gueldia the White Witch.  She will give this quest when you talk to her.
Now you gotta go to Costa farm and defeat her sister. Isabella only shows up every 9-12 on a bunch of random channels much like a world boss. Join a boss discord to get notified of when she spawns.
It rewards 200 CXP, 1x Forest Fury, and 3x Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards the first time you complete it. You have a chance to get a Halloween Box by defeating her as well.
Halloween Headgears Quests

  • Event quests can be accepted only during October 18 09:00 UTC until October 31st, 11:59, UTC.

  • If you don’t see the headgear quests, you may have to wait until October 18 daily reset.

  • Each quest can be only done once per family.
Scarecrow Mask
[Event] Is Your Mind Playing Tricks On You… or Am I?
Talk to Mercianne Moretti the node manager at Moretti Plantation and she will give you a quest to kill 10 Scarecrows in the field and earn a Scarecrow Mask as the reward.
Killed the scarecrows and collect their hat. Return to her for a Scarecrow Mask
Scarecrow Mask
Sweet Cone Hat
[Event] Workshop Bestseller
Talk to Ficy in Heidel and she will have a quest for you.
You will need to kill 10 beetles just north of Heidel and then Ficy will give you a Sweet Cone Hat
Sweet Cone Hat
Jack-O’-Latern Mask
[Event] Alejandro’s Gift/[Event] Sweep the Road for Sweet Jack O’ Lantern
Talk to Amadeo Alejandro the node manager at Alejandro Farm and he will give you two quests. .
Kill 10 pumpkin ghosts and return to him to get your Undamaged Pumpkin. Do this for 5 days and you will complete the other quest to get your Jack-O-Lantern Mask.
Jack-O-Lantern Mask
Wolf Nose
[Event] Arooooo~!~!
Talk to Gray Biants in Casta Farm near Olvia and she will have a quest for you to kill wolves around Wolf Hills.
Kill 10 wolves around Wolf Hills and come back to her for your Wolf Nose (goes into the mouth/nose/chin slot)
Wolf Nose
Devil Horn Headband
[Event] Devil’s Night
Talk to Lylina in Calpheon and she will have a quest for you to kill 3x Thief Imps (only show up at night past 10 pm).
Go to the spots marked on the map at night and kill the Thief Imps that spawn there and return to Lylina for the Devil Horn Headband.
Devil Horn Headband
Login Rewards

You get rewards for staying online for a certain amount of time everyday.

  • [Event] Halloween Coins can be exchanged at NPCs of main cities (except for Valencia) for the following items: 
    • Halloween Coin X10 = Cron Stone X10
    • Halloween Coin X20 = Sharp Black Crystal Shard X6
    • Halloween Coin X30 = Valk’s Advice (+25)
    • Halloween Coin X50 = Fine Accessory Box X1

  • [size=undefined]
    [img=240x0]http://dulfy.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/bdo-halloween-2017-event-guide-7_thumb.jpg[/img]  [/size]
  • [size=undefined]You can obtain an [Event] Halloween Gift Box by placing [Event]Halloween Candy Basket X1 and [Event] Halloween Cookie X1 in order in a shape of [-].[/size]
[Event] Halloween Gift Box drops the following items
[Event] Pumpkin Gift Box is a rare drop off Isabella and can contain the following.

  Patch Notes - 18th October 2017
Posted by: thavas - 10-18-2017, 09:27 PM - Forum: Patch Notes - No Replies

[Image: 8dxfQ63.jpg]
Greetings adventurers,
Halloween is around the corner and Black Desert Online just became a bit more spooky. The red moon rises around this time, which creates mysterious crevices across the entire world of Black Desert. Now, the Black Desert world gets mixed with the dimension of a strange world. New and returning events start today and a broad variety of cosmetic items will help to set the mood.
The patch brings also fixes for several issues as well as game and balance improvements and more.

[Image: 56ec7bca3f89a7145bf3c9ff389b0fee.png]

  • Halloween event has begun.
  • October 18 - November 1st, 08:59 UTC
  • Halloween-themed decorations are added here and there of the world. The big bloody moon will be seen throughout the event period.
  • Halloween-themed music will be playing in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon City, Altinova, and Valencia City during the event period..
  • Gueldia the White Witch and Isabella the Black Witch are visiting from the strange world.
  • Gueldia the White Witch is currently staying at Alejandro Farm. She has a favor to ask to adventurers: to capture and defeat Isabella the Black Witch!
    • This is a daily quest. Players will get a Halloween Gift Box as a reward.
    • Players can get “Witch’s Bloody Brooch” by defeating Isabella. Hand this over to Gueldia to complete the quest.
    • Players can also obtain the following items by defeating Isabella.
      • [Event] Halloween Gift Box
      • [Event] Halloween Pumpkin Cookie
The following event-quests have been added from which you can obtain Halloween-themed headgears.

Quest Title
Starting  NPC
[Event] Is Your Mind Playing Tricks On You... or Am I?
Mercianne Moretti
[Event] Scarecrow Mask
[Event] Workshop Bestseller
[Event] Sweet Cone Hat
[Event] Sweep the Road for Sweet Jack O’ Lantern
Amadeo Alejandro
[Event] Undamaged Pumpkin
[Event] Alejandro’s Gift
Amadeo Alejandro
[Event] Jack-O'-Lantern Mask
[Event] Arooooo~!~!
Gray Biants
[Event] Wolf Nose
[Event] Devil’s Night
[Event] Devil Horn Headband

  • Event quests can be accepted only during October 18, 09:00 until October 31st, 11:59, UTC.
  • The rewards are obtainable only from October 18, 09:00 until November 1, 09:00, UTC.
  • [Event] Sweep the Road for Sweet Jacko quest is available once a day per Family within the event period. However, the other quests are available only once per Family throughout the event.
  • [Event] Devil’s Night quest is available only during the night time of the game. You will be asked to defeat Thief Imp monster that appears only at night. 
The following event-challenges have been added from which you can obtain the event items.

Challenge Title
Goal Achievement
[Event] Coin for a Treat
Play 1 hour
[Event] Halloween Coin,
up to 5 per day

[Event] Get a Basket Full of Candies!
Play 2 hours
[Event] Halloween Candy Basket,
up to 1 per day

[Event] Want Some Cookies?
Play 3 hours
[Event] Halloween Cookie,
up to 1 per day

  • [Event] Halloween Coins can be exchanged at NPCs of main cities (except for Valencia) for the following items: 
    • Halloween Coin X10 = Cron Stone X10
    • Halloween Coin X20 = Sharp Black Crystal Shard X6
    • Halloween Coin X30 = Valk’s Advice (+25)
    • Halloween Coin X50 = Fine Accessory Box X1
  • You can obtain an [Event] Halloween Gift Box by placing [Event]Halloween Candy Basket X1 and [Event] Halloween Cookie X1 in order in a shape of [-].
  • You can obtain one of the following items by opening a [Event] Halloween Gift Box:
    • Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Destruction
    • Kzarka's Sealed Weapon Box
    • Centaurus Belt
    • Tungrad Earring
    • Basilisk's Belt
    • Ogre Ring
    • Giath’s Helmet
    • Red Nose’s Armor
    • Bheg's Gloves
    • Muskan's Shoes
    • Black Magic Crystal - Harphia
    • Magic Crystal of Infinity - Experience
    • Sicil's Necklace
    • Ring of Crescent Guardian
    • Ring of Cadry Guardian
    • Black Magic Crystal - Sturdiness
    • Black Magic Crystal - Armor
    • Necklace of Good Deeds
    • Tree Spirit Belt
    • Blue Whale Molar Earring
    • Manos Ruby Necklace
    • Witch's Earring
    • Red Coral Earring
    • Ancient Guardian's Seal
    • Bensho's Necklace
    • Mark of Shadow
    • Ancient Weapon Core
    • Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3
    • Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3
    • Sharp Black Crystal Shard
    • Hard Black Crystal Shard
    • Cron Stone
    • Memory Fragment
The follow-up event of the Growth of Young Kamasylve Tree achievement has started. (Oct. 18, 09:00 ~ Oct.25, 08:59 UTC) 
  • Drop rate of Black Stone will be increased during the period.
  • The following items can be purchased in the Pearl Shop for 1 Loyalty.
    • [Event] Kamasylve Pot Decoration, 3 per family
    • [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days), 1 per family
    • [Event] Sealed Book of Combat (7 Days), 1 per family
  • Fixed the issue that prevented from applying weight penalty when selling trade items.
  • Prerequisites for activating Social Actions (emotes) have been added to the Social Action window.
    If certain quests need to be completed, you can also check out the prerequisites for receiving those quests.
  • Characters mounted on [Guild] Elephant cannot perform Force-PvP.
  • (Force-PvP can be activated again during Node/Conquest Wars.)
  • If a character with Force-PvP feature activated rides on a [Guild] Elephant, Force-PvP will automatically be deactivated.
  • Instant Accel or S: Instant Accel on Arduanatt can now be seamlessly followed by Double Jump.
  • An event field boss Izabella will appear in Costa Farm during the Halloween event period.
  • Chances of learning skills have been increased for Tier 1 to 5 horses.

  • To prevent abuse, being idle in Savage Rift without attacking or installing siege objects will cause an automatic kick-out.
  • Some changes have been made to the catalogue of Patrigio’s secret shop.
  • Black Stone (Weapon) x1 and Black Stone (Armor) x1 will no longer appear in the shop.
  • Kamasylvia monster information has been added to the World Map.
    • Lv. 58-60 (Party Recommended)   Navarn Steppe
    • Lv. 59-60 (Party Recommended)   Manshaum Forest
    • Lv. 59-60 (Party Recommended)   Mirumok Ruins
  • Fixed the issue where it was possible to build Conquest Forts in Sarma Outpost.
  • The Buffs that can be bought at the Villas have been modified.
    • Reminiscence of Old Tree, Noble Man's Grace, and Wisdom of Life have been combined into “Turning Gates.”
    • Combat Technique, Mercenary’s Experience, and Desert Adaptation have been combined into “Skill and Experience”
    • Ancient Grindstone, Ancient Hardener, Ancient Invigorant, Will of Knights, and Will of Outlaw have been combined into “Body Enhancement.”
    • “Turning Gates,” “Skill and Experience,” and “Body Enhancement” cannot be used together, so only one can be used at a time. (Modified)
※ For example, if you activate “Skill and Experience” when “Turning Gates” is still in effect, “Turning Gates” will be canceled
Below are the Buffs available at each Villa, and their prices.


Applied Effect



Turning Gates (90 min.)

- Energy Recovery +1

Karashu, Shakatu, Kiyak,

Gold Ingot 1G X3

- Amity +10%

Muna, Marzana, Talia

Turning Gates (180 min.)

- Life EXP +10%

Gold Ingot 1G X9

Skill and Experience (90 min.)

- Skill EXP +10%

Kunid, Amir, Alsabi

Gold Ingot 1G X5

- Combat EXP +10%

Gahaz, Tasaila, Shandi

Skill and Experience (180 min.)

- Sunstroke and Hypothermia Resistance Chance +40%

Inaha, Dudora, Oberin

Gold Ingot 1G X15

Body Enhancement (90 min.)

- All AP +10

Lohan, Atosa

Gold Ingot 1G X15

- All DP +10

- Max HP +200

- All Resistance +10%

Body Enhancement (180 min.)

- Ignore All Resistance +5%

Gold Ingot 1G X45

※ To enter a Villa, you need the specific Villa Invitation for that Villa. Inside the Villa, talk to NPC Serazad to get a Villa Scroll, which allows you to buy Buffs at the Villa.
● The price of a Villa Scroll has been changed to Gold Ingot 100G X1.

[Image: e1dc769bd5b60eeced1d75235960007c.png]
All Classes
  • Halloween effects for Awakening Skills, Halloween Costumes and Pets have been added.
    Special ‘Bat’ effect will be seen when using Awakening skills that consume Black Spirit’s Rage 100% (Excluding Bloody Suit).

  • Fixed the awkward walking motion while moving via the auto navigation (T key) function.

[Image: 92f3f209d14c8cc0d30f76466f38fe4f.png]

  • Pulls in the target on good melee hits” has been added to the description of the skill Devastation.
  • The PvE damage of the skills Ground Lifting and Flow: General Disarray has been increased.  
  • Basic Attack (2 Hits)
    • I 391% → 823%
    • II 451% → 949%
    • III 521% → 1093%
  • Extra Attack (3 Hits)
    • I 782% → 1175%
    • II 902% → 1355%
    • III 1041% → 1562%
  • Using Ground Lifting during the cooldown time will decrease its damage.
  • The PvE damage of the skill Titan Blow Iustitiae has been increased.
  • Normal (7 Hits)
    • I 632% → 758%
    • II 772% → 926%
    • III 913% → 1096%
    • IV 1052% → 1262%
  • Charged (7 Hits)
    • I 1011% → 1175%
    • II 1235% → 1435%
    • III 1461% → 1699%
    • IV 1683% → 1956%
  • HP recovery effect has been added to the skill Titan Blow (per hit).
  • The PvE hit damage of the skill Flow: Ancient Wave has been changed from normal hit to charge hit.
  • “Damage reduced in PvP” has been added to the description of the skill Flow: Ancient Wave.
  • The PvE hit number of the skill Flow: Earth Dividing has been increased. (3 Hits → 6 Hits)
  • Invincible effect against monsters has been added to the 1st and 2nd hits of the skill Flow: Slugfest.
  • The PvE damage of the skill Blasting Iustitiae has been slightly increased.
    • I 890% → 1068%
    • II 960% → 1152%
    • III 1028% → 1234%
    • IV 1095% → 1314%

[Image: 61dfecf6978adbc8aed6a09e0ffa5f73.png]
  • Fixed the graphical glitch of Witch’s skill Crevice Protection.

[Image: f8460f0f77668d5bc49dd0c429fcd7d0.png]
  • Fixed the issue where using Rising Storm during cooldown time while mounted would not consume WP.
  • The PvE damage of the skill Crust Crusher has been increased. (6th Hit)
    • I 961 → 1105
    • II 1051 → 1209
    • II 1140 → 1311
    • II 1229 → 1413
  • The PvE damage of the skill Fiery Crevice has been increased. (2nd Hit)
    • I 1196% → 1555%
    • II 1333% → 1733%
    • III 1471% → 1912%
  • The PvE damage of the skill Twister has been increased. (2nd Hit)
    • 600% → 1000%

[Image: 3083b0d225723f9383058f08d2cb0bc3.png]

  • General Apricot’s description has been fixed.
    (Kerispear Buff > General Apricot)

  • Fixed the graphical glitch on Maehwa’s hand with the outfit Order of the Apricot.

[Image: f5b5c245f7e3fab6e23e76611cd595b8.png]

  • The PvE damage of the skill Flow: Execution has been increased. (4th Hit)
    • 742% → 892%

[Image: 563ea3b0fc6b4dc75346baeca9032ec4.png]
  • Fixed the graphical glitch on Dark Knight’s arms when equipping Heled outfit and Sin Terrna Vediant together.

[Image: 442183e519fc462c6831151af450c358.png]
  • The color of effect when consuming WP has been changed.(Red → Yellow)
  • Carrying 125% of the weight limit or more will block the skills Flash Step, Silent Step, and Double Flash from being activated.

[Image: 3f0f06e280603f5026870107a6e5580b.png]
  • Kamasylvia Pot Decoration, an interior item for celebrating Kamasylvia Opening, has been added.
  • Deconstruction formula for JIN/BON/WON Magic Crystals has been added.
  • <How to deconstruct>
    • Receive a quest from Belgar in Altinova with a Lv. 56 character.
    • Learn the knowledge “Magic Crystal Deconstruction” by completing the quest.
    • After leaning the knowledge, use Simple Alchemy from the Processing Tab (L key) and put in the following materials.
      • JIN/BON/WON Magic Crystal x1
      • Manos Stone x1
      • Black Spirit's Claw x1
    • There is a chance of obtaining part of the materials used for making JIN/WON/BON Magic Crystals.

  • A set effect has been added to the Valencian royal ring set. (Sahazad's Ring of Monarch, Barhan's Ring of Conquest, Manmehan's Ring of Gold, Saya's Ring of Eternity)
    • Equipping Sahazad’s Ring of Monarch and Barhan's Ring of Conquest together OR two of the samedw ring gives the buff “Extra Damage against Monsters +7”
    • Equipping Manmehan's Ring of Gold and Saya's Ring of Eternity together OR two of the same ring gives the buff “Damage Reduction against Monsters”

  • Memory Fragment’s item grade has been changed.
    • Blue → White

  • Grandus in Calpheon City (Armor Vendor) is now selling Root Treant Accessory Set.
  • ‘Root Treant’s Accessory Set’ has been added.
  • The following accessories can be purchased at the armor vendor NPC Grandus in Calpheon City.
  • Wear any 3 or more of Root Treant's Accessory or Treant Spirit's Accessory to activate the set effect Damage Reduction +3. In the case of wearing 5 of the accessories will activate the set effect +100LT.

Item Name
Item Stat
Item Effect
Root Treant's Stem Ring
AP +2
All Accuracy +16
Root Treant's Petal Belt
AP +3
Weight Limit +80LT
Root Treant's Leaf Necklace
AP +2
All Accuracy +16
Root Treant's Petal Necklace
AP +4
All Accuracy +24
  • A new gear series, Ultimate Dobart Armor, has been added.
    • Ultimate Dobart Armor can be purchased from Grandus in Calpheon City.
    • Ultimate Dobart Armor has high base DP, but it can only be enhanced up to +5.

Item Name
Item Stat
Item Effect
Ultimate Dobart Helmet
DP +15
Increases All Damage Reduction
Ultimate Dobart Armor
DP +20
Increases All Damage Reduction
Ultimate Dobart Gloves
DP +14
Increases All Damage Reduction
Ultimate Dobart Shoes
DP +16
Increases All Damage Reduction
  • Patrigio will no longer sell Black Stone (Weapon) x1 and Black Stone (Armor) x1 from his Secret Shop.
  • Six new gathering tools have been added to shops.
    • Improved Lumbering Axe, Improved Fluid Collector, Improved Butcher Knife, Improved Pickaxe, Improved Hoe, Improved Tanning Knife
    • Improved tools have lower durability, but they give a boost to your gathering speed.

  • A new gear series, Loure’s Lost Gears, has been added.
    • The following gears can be obtained by slaying monsters in Calpheon. It is bound to Family, and it cannot be enhanced.
    • Equip 2 Loure’s Lost gears to increase your Movement Speed by 1.
    • Equip 4 to increase your Attack/Casting speed by 1 and Max MP/WP/SP by 30.

Item Name
Item Stat
Loure’s Lost Helmet
DP +33
Mansha Forest
Loure’s Lost Shoes
DP +23
Rhutum Outstation
Loure’s Lost Gloves
DP +23
Lake Kaia
Loure’s Lost Armor
DP +36
Treant Forest
  • Equipping [Savage] Matchlock and [Savage] Enhanced Matchlock and then wearing a sub-weapon outfit will hide the sub-weapon outfit.
  • Ultimate Delphad Castillion’s Carnage Weapons have been added.
    • They can be obtained by heating Delphad Castillion Carnage Weapons obtained through Black Spirit quests and Targak Steel Shard.
    • Ultimate Delphad Castillion Carnage Weapons cannot be enhanced, and it can hold two crystals.
    • Item Stat: AP +52 -60
    • Item Effect: Attack Speed/Casting Speed/Critical Hit Rate +1

  • Halloween-themed outfits and pets have been added.
  • Black Stone (Armor) now can be obtained via Simple Alchemy by processing Alchemy Stone Shard and Black Stone Powder.

[Image: 0efbc7e6acad1eaebbb7e932dd548fde.png]
  • The following crate has been removed from the list of Imperial Cuisine delivery. (Event period ended)
    • [Event] Beer Crate
  • The Garnier Troupe of the major cities will no longer appear.

[Image: 63bb76bcde0a18d64dcc4fe7002c9bc1.png]
  • An event field boss Isabella will appear at Costa Farm during the Halloween event period.
  • Halloween skill-effect has been added for Wraith of Death monster.
  • Desert Naga Temple in Valencia has been reworked.
o Desert Naga Combatants have a low chance of dropping Serap's Necklace.
o Desert Naga Combatants will now drop Black Stone (Armor) instead of Black Stone (Weapon).
o The number of monsters has greatly increased in this area.
  • Titium Valley in Valencia has been reworked.
    • More monsters have been placed.
    • Monsters have been redistributed.
    • The drop rate of Serap's Necklace has been slightly increased.
    • The following monsters will drop more Desert Fogan's Helmet Shards.
    • Desert Fogan Hoppity, Desert Fogan Seer, Desert Fogan Fighter
    • Desert Fogan Hoppity will now move faster and initiate attacks.

  • Defeating Roud Sulfur Works monsters will now give you different kinds of Black Stones.
    • Lava Devourer: Weapon → Armor
    • Lava Fafalun: Armor → Weapon
    • Lava Tukar: Armor → Weapon
    • Lava Searcher: Weapon → Armor
    • Lava Faolun: Weapon → Armor
    • Lava Taolun: Armor → Weapon

  • Some monsters on the auto-navigation routes in Kamasylvia have been redistributed.
    • From Old Wisdom Tree to Manshaum Forest Node Manager

  • Monsters in the following areas have a chance of dropping an accessory from the Treant Spirit’s Accessory Set.
    • Mansha Forest: Treant Spirit’s Echo Ring
    • Rhutum Outstation: Treant Spirit’s Hope Belt
    • Lake Kaia: Treant Spirit’s Whisper Earring
    • Treant Forest: Treant Spirit’s Cheer Necklace

  • You can now obtain ‘Loure’s Lost’ series of defense gears by defeating monsters of the following regions of Calpheon:
    • Mansha Forest: Loure's Lost Helmet
    • Rhutum Outstation: Loure's Lost Gloves
    • Lake Kaia: Loure's Lost Shoes
    • Treant Forest: Loure's Lost Armor

[Image: 2df3854f1fe1c2fbaca0d2d6ce790fdb.png]
  • A new quest series, “Black Spirit’s Gift II” has been added.
    • Players can get to this series while following the Black Spirit main quest line for Lv. 1-50.
    • Complete these quests to obtain gear items useful up to Lv. 50.
      • Available only once per family.
    • A new Weight Limit buff has been added.
      • It can be received from the quest Black Spirit’s Gift III (Weight Buff), once per account.
      • The buff is good for 24 hours, and 200LT will be added to your Weight Limit.

  • A Halloween quest has been added.
    • Complete the quest to get Scarecrow Mask, Sweet Cone Hat, Jack-O’-Lantern Mask, Wolf Nose, and Devil Horn Headband.
  • The quest Bring a Water Bottle will now point to the correct destination.
  • New quests have been added to Altinova.
    • Vendor’s Connection
    • Have You Tried Turning It Around?
    • Still Another Chance

  • Skill EXP has been added to the completion reward of the following quests.
    • [Daily] Argos Black Crystal
    • Pila Ku Jail Extermination
    • Desert Fogan Extermination
    • [Daily] Tasaila's Message
    • [Daily] Shandi's Message
    • [Daily] Atosa's Message
    • [Daily] Dudora's Message
    • [Daily] Oberin's Message
    • [Daily] Mark of a Secret Organization
    • [Daily] Bluish Sulfur
    • [Daily] Power Engine of Ancient Weapons
    • [Daily] Lost Piece of a Forbidden Book

  • New daily quests have been added to Valencia.
    • [Daily] Hostile Tribe
    • [Daily] Redeeming Our Land
    • [Daily] Unsubdued Grudge
    • [Daily] You Wanna Tango?
    • [Daily] Subduing the Force
    • [Daily] Disruption
    • [Daily] Deep Grudge
    • [Daily] For Bolero
    • [Daily] Code of the Mine
    • [Daily] Endless Threats
    • [Daily] Monstrous Force
  • It is now possible to obtain knowledge about Ferrica and Ferrina by talking to Varielle, a stable keeper at Old WIsdom Tree.
  • Tasting Wine (social action) can now be unlocked after completing the quest Trading Begins’ OR ‘What I Can Do’.
  • Boss scrolls will shine in the inventory during the main quest process (1~50 Lv), so that players can easily use it when they need to complete boss quests.
  • The following quests in Kamasylvia I are now categorized as Co-op quests.
    • [CO-OP] Lemoria Guard Post Reinforcements
    • [CO-OP] Threatener of the Steppes
    • [CO-OP] Spoils to be shown to Likke Behr
    • [CO-OP] Voraros Wandering in the Forest
    • [CO-OP] Degraded Ruins Treant
    • [CO-OP] The Wind Blowing through the Trees
    • [CO-OP] Disappearing Energy of the Forest
    • [CO-OP] Blade of Revenge
    • [CO-OP] Investigation Support
    • [CO-OP] Volunteer for the Extermination
    • [CO-OP] Caduil Forest Poacher
    • [CO-OP] Qualities of a Hunter
    • [CO-OP] Rarity Equals Higher Price
    • [CO-OP] Head of an Eagle, Body of a Tiger
    • [CO-OP] Hungry Devourers
    • [CO-OP] The Feathered Wolves
    • [CO-OP] Two Eyes Sparkling in the Darkness
    • [CO-OP] My Mission Is...!
    • [CO-OP] Still Not Enough!
    • [CO-OP] Better than Nothing
    • [CO-OP] Good, it’s them!
    • [CO-OP] His Size Is All He’s Got...
    • [CO-OP] Big, But Easy Game
    • [CO-OP] Unpleasant Happenings
    • [CO-OP] For What Reason Did This Death Happen?
    • [CO-OP] What They Want
    • [CO-OP] An Eye for an Eye
    • [CO-OP] No! My Research Journals!
    • [CO-OP] Unrecovered Journals
    • [CO-OP] The Right Balance

  • Titium Valley in Valencia is no longer a desert area. You can check your location in the Minimap, and desert illnesses will not be effective.
[Image: b3daaef03ed64561da4e0ea19f7ae174.png]
  • Button sizes and placements have been adjusted in the UI edit mode window.
  • Equipping a Matchlock will sometimes display a system alert depending on the bullet durability status.
  • The window size will adapt to the length of Social Action descriptions.
  • Added a tooltip to the “Skip animation and improve instantly” button.
  • Fixed the issue where the Recharge button for Pearls would sometimes not be shown depending on the resolution in Full-screen mode.
  • An update has been made to the description showed in World Map when an Auto-Loop is activated

[Image: 62dc0d42053089482835c773dba9628d.png]
  • Fixed the awkward camera angle for Pearl outfit exclusive motions.
  • Fixed the issue where the alignment would wiggle while scrolling through the Performance tab of the Settings window.
  • Fixed the camera glitch that happened while talking to a villager NPC in Heidel.
  • Fixed the occasional movement and effect glitch regarding the NPC Guardian of Edana.
  • Derek Nimms the NPC will not be shown as a question mark on the Minimap even if you do not have its knowledge.

Video BDO Trading: Container Trading for Master 2 Trading (Velia/Heidel)
Posted by: thavas - 10-06-2017, 11:13 AM - Forum: Tutorials - No Replies

BDO Trading: Container Trading for Master 2 Trading (Velia/Heidel)

  AntiMiner - Coin Miner Blocker
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[Image: z20EJHpZH1-H9EHAoO-WVfcToQW9JyxeZiPiQjjc...-h400-e365]

Anti Miner designed to stop coin miners scripts and block cryptojackers from using your CPU for mining

Antiminer blocks any hidden miners on every website you visit! Antiminer Miner Blocker allows you to prevent cryptojacking scripts from mining using your CPU.

Make sure nobody using your CPU for mining cryptocurrency without your knowledge

You should decide by yourself, wether you want to mine coins with your CPU, or would like to block coin miners from using your laptop to mine cryptocurrency. Stop cryptojack across the web! Anti miner will alert, of website launches miner using your  PC power. Miner Blocker works similar to Adblock, it focused to stop cryptocurrency miner scripts, which might be installed on the websites you visit. This scripts are using your's computer CPU to mine cryptocurrency for website owner purposes. As a result surfing such websites without Antiminer - Miner Blocker extension cryptocurrency block will slow down your computer.

Don't let you computer to be used for hidden mining. Stop browser coin mining.

At the moment Anti miner blocks Javascripts that are mining coins for Monero, Dash and other like coinhive (coin-hive) and jsecoin

Let us know if you found a new JS Code
[url=https://goo.gl/R8sBFR]Download LINK -> HERE 


  FailStacks Table
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[Image: attachment.php?aid=30]

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

Thumbs Up Gear Guide
Posted by: Guaje7 - 04-18-2017, 05:50 PM - Forum: Tutorials - Replies (1)

Silver_Wrath’s Gear Guide v2.0.5
(much thanks to the Maehwa/Musa Discord and my guild [Audacity] <3 yah’ll)

My last guide was very specific to the meta at the time and market prices. This guide will act to fill in the gaps of knowledge you may have and help you decide how you want to gear and the stepping stones to take to achieve said goals. Gear is not cookie cutter as most people think it is. Yes certain builds work better on certain classes but play style will also help shape your character and how you gear.
(old version - Here)

I apologize for any misspellings and grammar butchering. I majored in Economics not in some major where I wrote papers.

AP - Direct correlation to damage output.
Accuracy - Helps “land” hits on targets.
Evasion - “Miss” being hit by opponents.
DP - Damage Reduction + Evasion from armor. Think evasion you get hit less per attack (3/7 hits) then damage reduction reduces damage taken.

AP - Full ap builds have been popular since launch, AP is a linear stat(BioHack) that will increase damage output. This is normally gone for first as it improves grind speeds for better silver per hour, evasion and dp builds are not needed in a majority of PvE when grinding for silver to buy PvP gear. Maehwa/Sorc works well on a full AP build and so do other classes and playstyles.
Evasion - An evasion build is a popular choice for certain assassin classes who want to counter full ap builds. Ninja/Kunos
Accuracy - A full accuracy build could be considered overkill, the working theory is that there is a threshold to what is needed for an attack to be a successful “hit”. Think of it as my base chance is 80% to hit, they stack 10 evasion lowering my chance to 70% stacking more than what is need to hit “100%” would be overkill. (this all changes with level too). I have seen some rangers go full accuracy.
DP - A full DP build concludes stacking evasion and damage reduction gear to help achieve being a full tank, good for support rolls or crowd control builds in siege. witch/berserker work well with the amount of CC and utility they have.
Hybrid - A mixture of various stats, and possibilities are only limited to the choices in gear you decide to pick. Witches and Wizards work very well on hybrid builds as their utility helps greatly in siege. Ranger/Musa also works well on an accuracy+evasion hybrid build.

Main Hands:
Yuria: Use to be the best choice back at launch due to limited availability of livertos and kzarkas. It mostly sells due to bad judgment or old guides that still recommend this option.
Rosar: Pretty much the new choice if you are just getting into the game as you most likely won’t have the funds or resources to enchant a rarer item like liverto or kzarka. The reason this item is taken of yuria now is due to it’s base AP being 1 higher and having an extra gem slot(which we will get to later). It is also theorized that Rosar offers a higher base accuracy than that of yuria.
Liverto: Is 2nd only to kzarka, it shares the same base AP and 2 gem slots. It’s biggest difference is having 5 less accuracy and being +3 crit to your characters stats for gemming options.
Kzarka: The top dog for competitive PvP. It offers higher base accuracy of 5% of liverto which can be the difference to finishing off your opponent or having them live. This option offers +3 Attack speed compare to the +3 Critical as well.
Kaia Weapon: Is a weapon that can be rented in Calpheon for CP that can be used while gearing up - Link

Awakening Weapon:
While the list is small there are some variations as well as optimal choices.
Green: This primarily the first choice as a new player or a poorer player. It is cheap to repair when enchanting. This being said this version should never be taken past TRI level as thus Dandelion becomes the clear choice. It’s base stats are as such; 11-20 AAP +7 All Species Damage.
Blue/Yellow: This awakening weapon is only utilized primarily for PvP as it is 1 enchantment level behind in terms of AAP of the sought after Dandelion. Base stats are as such; 16-25 AAP +7 Human Damage. Wait to make this ultimate, only Ult it at the max level you are going to level it too(TET) because ofrepair costs.
Dandelion: It is best in slot for PvE and PvP, being 1 enchantment level in terms of AAP above the Blue version it puts it holder in another tier in terms of damage. Base stats are as such; 18-27 AAP. See image below for enchanted level differences.
[Image: zEFuA6eKR41ZRBL5L0ZELaevd8zRWqmWq08nGdrI...IhgaBo-cdc]

Now certain offhands have different names for certain classes but have similar stats I will talk about the 4 big ones most players use for a variety of mid to end game builds in the current meta.

(I will use daggers as an example)
Parry Dagger: This dagger is used in more evasive/defensive builds as it offer the highest amount of evasion of any of these 4 choices. It’s base stats at Ultimate(Gold) are as such; 3AP 4DP +3 evasion +100hp +1 DMG Reduction +1 Special Attack (Back/Down/Air).
Rosar Dagger: This dagger is also used in evasive/defensive builds.  It’s base stats at Ultimate(Gold) are as such; 1-4AP 6DP +1 Special Attack (Back/Down/Air) and 2 Gem Slots.
Steel Dagger: This is the Full AP offhand, it’s for those that want to smash face, mostly for those who want to do “big damage on my ping”(Mad King Lacari 2016). Base stats at Ultimate(Gold) are as such; 7AP +1 Special Attack (Back/Down/Air).
Kutum Dagger: This offhand is the Middle Ground between AP and DP. This is the best PvE offhand and offers great survivability just beneath the parry offhand while having attack power just below the AP is king choices. Kutum offers 2 Gem slots compared to the Parry and Steel which only offer 1 Gem Slot. Base Stats are as such; 4-6 AP 4DP Ignore All Resistance +10% (hidden accuracy and monster dmg included).
Nouver Dagger: This is the “NA AP” is king offhand. Not to much to this choice other than being the highest AP offhand currently in the game. It’s base stats are as such; 6-8AP and +All Resistance 10% and 2 Gem Slots.
Nouver vs Kutum: Nouver is typically used till about 220-230 AP in PvP. Then it makes sense to use Kutum for extra DP in the current meta. This will change as AP and DP keeps increasing. You want your AP roughly within 50-60 of your opponents DP.

Armor Choices:
This probably ones of the most cookie cutter parts of end game PvP. Right now in the current meta Boss gear seems to trump almost all other choices as some of the pieces offer bonus stats unparallel to non boss gear. This does not mean that you can’t beat a player in full boss gear with something less. It just means that if you want to min max boss gear is the best choice.

The 3 current Meta Choices for end game PvP
Rocaba - An evasion set my default and the newest set of default gear added to the game with valencia. It may be  harder to find on the market place as most people do not grind valencia or do just to acquire these pieces and end game accessories.
Heve - This set is a great choice for any new player as it breaks about easily when you acquire boss gear pieces and gives +HP as it's set bonus.
Boss Gear - Not much to say here, it's the OMG I did it pieces. Items like Bheg’s and Muskan’s just make this set so much better than any other pieces of gear. It includes extra set bonuses such as MP/WP,Stamina, and Attack/Cast Speed.
Bheg’s - The first pieces of gear towards end game PvP on each enchantment to +15 it gives +accuracy %. At +15 the gloves give roughly +10% accuracy and acts as the counter to Muskan’s.
Muskan’s - The second piece to strive for, like it's counterpart it gives +evasion % to +15 as you can see in it's higher base stat in DP than other armor choices(remember DP is Evasion+DMG Reduction). At +15 it gives roughly +7% more evasion than any other piece.
Dim Tree’s - +200 HP and higher DP than other armors make it a no brainer as the 3rd piece to achieve. This higher DP is theorized to be mostly evasion.
Giath’s - +100 HP and less DP, make this the last piece to achieve if you are looking at  reaching the 4 set bonus.
Red Nose Armor should be only taken to complete a 4 set bonus if you happen to get the other 3 pieces and still cannot acquire Dim Tree’s Armor.

Some people use a mix of Boss Gear and Heve armor as boss gear can be costly to enchant and sometimes isn’t a great use of resources early on into your BDO career(I say career cause this game will take over your life). Muskan+Bheg and 2 pieces Heve is quite common on classes that don’t benefit from +stamina. Another popular choice is utilizing Muskan and Dim Tree and 2 piece rocaba for a Evasion/Hybrid build on classes with high base accuracy, (witch/wiz/ninja/kuno)[though ninja and kuno may have accuracy issues].

Due note grunil is still a great set for those that may have limited game time and want to focus resources elsewhere. Never hesitate to ask other players for their thoughts. Myself included my discord tag is Silver#2473

This is where the game opens up and really becomes about play style and countering certain classes. As a maehwa myself with my primary targets being witches and wizards in the opponent's backline, I try to build to counter my opponent. This helps me decide on certain styles of gear to achieve my goal of “big damage on my ping” (Mad King Lacari 2016).
Please remember these are not the only choices but are the most common choices  for the few builds I will illustrate.

Rings: Probably the cheapest of all accessories to gear first in a silver/ap analysis (silver/ap is where you spend the cheapest amount of silver for the highest AP gain or stat gain you’re looking for). A few choices that are common are as such;
Red Coral Ring: Cheapest of all of these and typically what you will go for first. It offers AP and Dmg Reduction (no rings give evasion at this time). This is great choice till late game and some classes still use this for a hybrid build.
Mark of Shadow: The cheapest of the AP rings and translates well to mid and endgame PvP(this ring should never be enchanted past TRI).
Cadry Ring: This ring is the Dmg reduction ring, as a full DP ring, it is great for hybrid and DP builds. Though is used less than all of the 4 rings listed here.
Crescent Ring: The most expensive ring choice and typically not used until TRI as you probably have Mark of Shadows at this point. At the same enchant level it offers more AP than it's counterpart.

Earrings: Earrings can be expensive but offer extra stats in some of the choices.
Blue Coral: The cheapest of the AP choices and typically your first choice as a newer player.
Red Coral: This earring gives the lowest AP but offers nice bonus stats like Stamina and Accuracy and is very popular to atleast have 1 in the current meta.
Witch Earring: Probably one of the worst earrings in terms of Silver/AP though great AP and always a nice pick up if you can buy it already enchanted.
Whale Earring/Khalks Earring: These earrings use to be locked behind hunting though with monthly events they fluctuate between 15 mil and 40+ mil and offer bonus stats like +HP(whale) and +stamina +wp (Khalk). Most people skip these early on and are a min max thing.
Manos Earring: While there are 3 versions typically most classes pick Ruby, which is +50 HP, Sapphire is MP/SP and Topaz is stamina. These earrings include 5 evasion and give +dmg reduction for the remaining total of the DP. These are Best in slot for defensive earrings for hybrid/evasion/dp builds.
Tungrade Earring: The top dog in terms of AP, and offers a bonus stat of +10% Black Spirit Rage. This is very endgame and is very expensive, it's value doesn't show up until it is DUO/TRI+.

Belts: Only a few choices here and typically focused on after rings and earrings.
Shultz: Typically the first AP belt most people will go for as it has good Silver/AP ratio and can last you at DUO/TRI till late in the game.
Tree Spirit: A mix between AP and Accuracy, very good late game choice for a few builds.
Centaur: A full evasion belt with +HP as well, great choice for evasion/hybrid/DP builds
Basilisk: Top AP belt, not much more to say than it's expensive, typically only worth at DUO/TRI in terms of Silver/AP.

Necklace: Normally gone for last as Silver/AP ratios are typically higher.
Shultz: Typically the first AP necklace most people will go for as it has good Silver/AP ratio and can last you at DUO/TRI till late in the game.
Serap’s: Second best AP necklace and is great at DUO and TRI then loses ground in terms of Silver/AP to Ogre Ring(which is a necklace).
Ogre Ring: The Best AP necklace unless you include the Tungrade Necklace which at this moment has only been seen once in NA BDO.
Sicil’s Necklace: A good Mix Between AP and Full evasion, great for Hybrid/DP/Evasion builds.

What to level up:
This is really going to all depend on how you feel in game. Are you a wet noodle? Or are you being 2 shotted by everyone? Typically once you’ve reached First Full AP example below would would want to start saving money for boss gear pieces. It is normal to want to work on weapons first before armor. That being said always be attempting for dandelion as it is one of the most difficult items to acquire in the game. After Dandelion, Kzarka next as it’s accuracy is major in PvP, then just try and get your hands on any of the remaining items as they can be difficult to acquire. Do not let up acquiring one to wait for another, it is all progression to the end goal.

  1. Dandelion
  2. Kzarka
  3. Bheg’s
  4. Muskan’s
  5. Rest Boss
  6. Accessories

Example Builds:
I used a witch here to show the gear, in no means are all of these builds viable on a witch.

First Full AP
Great for grinding while saving money for other builds or just getting into node wars. This also is fine to complete most of the current game even valencia questline.

[Image: wwnnNM2m_pj_Au1ZKV_FYDhExqpWzbBghGc6Dvwe...O5iQvUdxwW]

Due note at this point you then should make decisions on whether boss gear is in your foresight and what type of build you are looking for based on the information above.

Endgame Full AP
Very few people are at this point of the game, though others are striving for this goal.

[Image: q_Fii1INTxS3n88HRLwPaF1XQlGaDVCscfJTLgBn...RbmIhrDOAK]

Hybrid Build 1
[Image: LIjQd75hkgeg4G4GaH0N-zewpdWbptVgB6YVsmxo...VxCjN56vWJ]

Hybrid Build 2

[Image: xL5vnxC4SKvJ3zonXQv7N9ltyvJiD2_XRhlqvyec...xdz-wS-k_A]

Evasion Stacked
Popular amongst those with high base accuracy and dmg modifiers in skills. Wizard, primarily.
[Image: fmLbMLWUZUFOfT_GzSbIojOEyPY47yfvw2eQyyUV...nrJVbLfBPu]

Accuracy Stacked
Not used much in the current meta, except by a few players.
[Image: bSnEk6bBF2JsTPSVKXAyjF0unROH211A9G-0Wzul...9XWfiQWeQ6]

Accuracy + Evasion Hybrid
Common in assassin style classes - Ninja/Kuno/Musa/Ranger
[Image: BNj00rpiv5wOY-VetVOIWIiUOB2kmRL1-vi3SLcq...IO8cQlTNEi]

DP Stacked
Utilized by players who like to play frontliners in siege. Warrior/Beserker/Valk, Witches may also run Utility builds.
[Image: swaLgWvBP-T_MsMKd3LH5l56V_Yn816TSzeMY4Be...1iUP2VwlY4]

Thank you all for viewing this and feel free to share this with anyone, and remember that this guide is not meant to be the end all guide to what gear you should get but more or less a guide on how to look at gear.

Posted by: Guaje7 - 04-18-2017, 03:58 PM - Forum: Tutorials - No Replies

[Image: HiESAOQ.png]
[Image: ljN3ul5.png]
[Image: Ysy1XcR.jpg]

  Imperial Fish Trade - Species List, NPCs & Notes
Posted by: thavas - 04-15-2017, 06:02 PM - Forum: Tutorials - No Replies


  •  12 August 2016 - Added information on the two price values (that differ) in the trade window display, under General Notes.

  • 18 November 2016 - Updated fish species list for the new species added ready for the Magoria expansion (Striped Jewfish is catch-able now).
With the introduction of Imperial Trading in the 10 August 2016 Patch Notes, we now have the Imperial Fish Trade NPCs in-game. They offer a flat 250% bonus to price payable for a limited number of fish (30 - 40 which resets every three hours) traded with them.
Example of the Imperial Fishing Delivery NPC window
This is a list of the fish species which they accept and is common to all of them, in all regions. Also a list of the relevant NPCs and their location and some general notes.
For a more detailed reference into how this works and for the specific NPC locations in each town check, out Dulfy's great Black Desert Imperial Trading Guide.
<Imperial Fishing Delivery> NPCs
Dius - Epheria (next to wharf manager)
Rai - Glish (next to trade manager)
Karon - Velia (next to wharf manager)
Hirio - Splashing Point (next to trade manager)
Balleo - Valencia (W side, next to the Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC)

List Notes

  • Species divided into groups. The first group are the yellow quality species and the second group are blue quality ones.

  • Spawn species shown separately and can include species also caught in open water.

  • All spawn species are yellow quality.

  • They don't accept all yellow and blue quality species available. Green and white quality fish are also not accepted.

  • None of the purely harpoon species or any of the new fish species (or altered from harpoon fishing in the 'new fishing' changes) except the spawn species are accepted.
General Notes

  • Nodes still need to be connected between the Origin node of the fish (the sea node shown on the fish tooltip under 'Origin') and the trader to obtain the 250% price offered. If not it is only 30% as normal.

  • The maximum amount of any one species which can be handed in at any one time is between 30 - 40 fish of the same species. This depends on how many others have already been handed in. This will reset every three hours for a random amount between these limits.

  • It is not possible to view the current stock situation for an Imperial trader remotely. It can only be checked in their individual trade window (left hand side).

  • The 250% bonus offered excludes any condition (apart from expired), distance or Bargain bonuses that you have with normal traders. Excluding condition is good news for long session passive fishing.

  • The two values displayed in the right hand side of the Trade window by the fish are a bit confusing as they vary. The bottom value is the 250% bonus price from the left side of the window. It is the price you receive. The top value includes the distance bonus (as with normal trades) but, because the Imperial trade doesn't apply that bonus as it indicates, it has no real relevance to the transaction; it's just a hang over from the normal trade window.

  • If you want to check and view which species are available in what sea area, I posted a while back (and update) such a list for the 'new fishing' now in place on this thread in the Guide section: BDO ‘New Fishing’ - Ocean Fish Species List. All this fish table data is now incorporated into the Sea Regions overlay on Famme's BDO Map site here.
Imperial Fishing Delivery - Fish species accepted
Spawn species:
Black Porgy
Blue Grouper
Eyespot Puffer
Giant Octopus
Sea Bass
Smokey Chromis
Spotted Sea Bass

Open water species:
Blackfin Sea Perch
Goliath Grouper
Greater Amberjack
Sea Bass
Smokey Chromis
Snow Cero
Striped Jewfish

Atka Mackerel
Checkerboard Wrasse
Golden Thread
John Dory
Porcupine Fish
Sea Eel
Tapertail Anchovy

Spawn species:

Leather Carp
Mandarin Fish

Cherry Salmon
Freshwater Eel
Striped Shiner
Yellow-Head Catfish

  Quick change between TeamSpeaks
Posted by: thavas - 04-12-2017, 08:18 PM - Forum: Tutorials - No Replies

  • Add ts3.radicalgaming.eu to your bookmark
  • Setup this settings(Fig1)

[Image: 29e98f1fb0d3f1db5241f6bd1d0568de.png]

Default Channel:
Quote:▼ Black Desert - Entry ▼/➜ General/╠ Room - (4)

  • Lets setup your Hotkeys (The best option while you are playing games, avoid to minimize your games just to switch the server)
  •  Tools -> Options 
[Image: 318531d138e58d5e7d7ce829701a085c.png]
  • Hotkeys -> Add button
[Image: 1508ede777da5323ac22da685efdf786.png]

  • On the search box write "Select Next"
  • Select the option "Select Next Tab"
  • Select the key combo to perform the tab change
  • DONE !!